Green Harissa (a condiment for everything)

  • 09 April 2019

In the foundation vegan course we look at ways to make cooking delicious but easy, so you eat well all the time. One of the many ways we do this is to create ‘go-to sauces and dips’ that you can have in your fridge at all times, that you can use for breakfast, lunch, dinner or for snacks. Well let me tell you how that has worked for me this week. I had some green chillies in my fridge with no...


Spiced Chickpeas are so Moreish

  • 02 April 2019

Continuing on with the request for chickpea recipes. I stumbled upon a recipe for spiced chickpeas. Wow, these are a must have in the fridge at all times. They will last for three to four days in the fridge but you guessed it, only lasted two days in mine – as greedy me gobbled them all up.   They are fabulous to sprinkle over salads or eat with your steamed veg or add on the top of soups...


Cabbage Rolls (filled with chickpeas, tofu and mushrooms)

  • 26 March 2019

How’s this week been for you all? I have had the most ideal week. Working on a new version of the module one syllabus and on retreat menus has been a slower paced week for me. I have been working regular hours rather than sixteen hour days like I do when catering on retreats. Working an eight hour day has allowed me to have plenty of time to look after myself.  The first thing in practicing...


A Recipe For Millet Porridge

  • 19 March 2019

JUMP TO THE RECIPE   After a recent visit down south I got to see first hand what a lot of the Vegan Chefs are up to since they have graduated from the vegan chef training we run.    To say I am proud is a massive understatement. I feel it is time to show off what incredible work some of the graduate vegan chefs are doing. This has been a long awaited blog post as many keep asking...



  • 12 March 2019

This week’s recipe was requested by my good friend Sam, whose lovely partner Agar grows the most divine eggplants. I promised Sam this recipe so he can make it for them both. I hope many of you also enjoy it.   This particular Moussaka recipe was developed by Melanie and Max in the three day vegan cooking course from January 2018. I have tweaked it a bit and have used it a few times on...


Tempeh ‘Tunaless’ Salad

  • 26 February 2019

How often do you buy a cook book, have a good flick through, salivate at the pictures then put it on the bookshelf never to it open again? There are so many cookbooks that I do this with and I have promised myself that I will choose one a year and go through them and make every recipe I like the look of.    Then on occasion I buy a cook book that I can’t put down and I try out at least...


One Pot Camping Meals (Take Two)

  • 19 February 2019

One Pot Camping Meals (Take Two) I just found the book I wrote camp recipes in when we were road tripping in November and December last year and realised that I still have some beauties to share with you. The recipes are so easy for camping as they all only need one saucepan or wok to cook them in. Which also makes them great for one pot meals in the home.   Once again all these recipes fed...


Jackfruit Curry

  • 12 February 2019

Jackfruit Curry I’m a jackfruit newbie. I have only ever eaten it from a tin (organic of course). When the local grower gets a green one my colleague Metche Legaspi who is from the Philippines will show me how to cut and cook them but until then it will be the tinned variety I use. I personally don’t make it for myself but have found myself cooking it for catering events.  The last time was...


Cardamon and Date Slice

  • 05 February 2019

A Little Slice that Packs a Big Punch  (A vegan take on Mohanthal)   Once a year I have the privilege to cater for Deva and Miten’s ecstatic Chant retreat, which was attended by two hundred and seventy people. As it’s a super hot time of the year and the kitchen we cater in reaches at least 10°C hotter than the outside temperature, I am always on the look out for recipes that don’t...


Grilled Nectarine, Broccoli and Almond Fetta Salad

  • 29 January 2019

Making the Most of Stone Fruit The organic stone fruit we are getting in our area at the moment is not so tasty. We had such a good year last year that this year pales in comparison. Still wanting to make the most of the stone fruit that keeps appearing in our local Santos Health Food Shop I decided to grill the nectarines in this very simple salad.    The addition of the best vegan...