Pad Thai

  • 14 January 2021

Nailing a Recipe and Counting DownWhat recipe would you like to nail once and for all. Here’s mine. It feels good!Pad Thai! What recipe do you hope to nail? What recipe do you keep trying but it isn’t completely right? Pad Thai was my one recipe I needed to nail and recently did it. Congrats are in order. In the past I had made Pad Thai but it never quite made the bar that I was comparing it...


Veet's Macro Plate

  • 07 January 2021

Welcome to Veganuary with a Happy Song This is the first blog post for 2021 and I wish you all a happy new year and for those who didn’t receive the newsletter last week I have a super duper new years special on the online course. Check below for details. The course has no time limit so you may want to make the most of the cheap price even if you can’t start it straight away....


A Mexican Fiesta to Celebrate with this Christmas

  • 24 December 2020

A Mexican Fiesta to Celebrate with this Christmas I had this idea that I would start this week’s blog with some healthy tips but hey who wants healthy at this time of the year. I’ll save that for the New Year. What I would like to say though is if you keep it vegan and keep it organic you really can’t go wrong.    It’s non traditional fare I will share with my friends this...


Traditional Christmas Recipes

  • 17 December 2020

Recipes to Bring Deliciousness to Your Table this Christmas Two more blog posts before Christmas. I haven’t heard what you are up to this Christmas. I would love to know, maybe you don’t celebrate or maybe you do or it’s a quiet time of relaxation for you. Whatever it is I’d love to know.   This week I share recipes for those who like a more traditional Christmas feast. These recipes...


Quinoa, Mushroom, Corn and Red Capsicum Filled Zucchini

  • 10 December 2020

A fabulous Christmas Recipe and Making the Online Cooking Course Available to You All Another Christmas recipe everyone. I know so many people who just love Christmas and have a great time hanging out with loved ones and then I know equally as many people who actually have not such a great time at Christmas. This recipe is for all of you, to take to gatherings or to have at home on your own...


Nut Roast Wellington

  • 03 December 2020

Exciting news my first online course is now live and a Christmas recipe   What an exciting week I have had. It was my birthday last week and I had a fabulous lunchtime gathering of women friends. We even had a dance, which was an extra special treat, and the big news from last week was...   I launched my first ever on line cooking course:   Cooking at Home with Veet...


Roast Beetroot and Carrot Brown Rice Salad with Caesar Dressing

  • 13 November 2020

What is resistant starch and why is it good for you? It’s hard to believe that the online course Cooking at Home with Veet will soon be launched. Launch date is the 24th November. Exciting to the max. Make sure you are signed up to the upcoming cooking course mailing list so you don’t miss out on the coupon to get the discount and be one of the first people to start the course. It is a fun...


Sprouted Mung Bean Hot Pot with Coconut and Wild Rice

  • 12 November 2020

Only Fourteen More Sleeps I am bursting with excitement as we have an exact date for the launch of the online course Cooking at Home with Veet. It is the 24th of November so only fourteen more sleeps. The course will be announced to the people signed up to the Upcoming Courses newsletter where you will be given a discount code. So don’t miss out, make sure you are signed up to that newsletter...


Marinated Zucchini Galette

  • 05 November 2020

Marinated Zucchini, Spring Onions & Corn Bread Galette with Cashew Mascarpone & Sprinkle How are you? I have had a great week since I last wrote. We managed to get away on a quick camping trip, which was incredibly relaxing despite getting caught in a hail storm, the walk we had planned on being closed, tree cutters at the camp ground for hours on the first afternoon and people doing...


Mexican Millet Chilli

  • 29 October 2020

A Mexican Millet Chilli for Both Spring and Autumn Hope you are all well and enjoying plenty of time getting creative in the kitchen. Filming the online cooking course that I am launching soon has got me all inspired to get back doing Facebook lives (and soon to be Instagram lives). At the moment I am doing daily cooking tips at 2.10 pm (NSW Aussie time). If that time is weird for you...