Vegan Chef Training Program

Australia’s #1 Vegan Culinary School

Online Only
Duration 18 x 3 hour sessions plus 3 x 1 hour follow up mentoring sessions.

Gain professional chef skills, get hands on training experience, and work with organic and locally sourced plant-based produce in the biggest growth market in food today: Vegan Cuisine.

Traditional chef training programs require skill building around handling and cooking meat, meat preparation is not part of this training program. Veet’s renowned Vegan Chef Training is a one-of-a-kind training where all of the produce used is plant-based and organic.
Veet’s renowned Chef Training teaches you the skills and know how to create gourmet, nutritious and sophisticated plant-based food to add to your menu.

“Veet's course has to be the best I've ever done.  Veet's kitchen is a great space to learn in, she is truly inspiring and we produced the most amazing cuisine. We made our own signature dish which we got to invent and trial and all of them were restaurant quality! Such an amazing experience!!!”

Kiri Olsen, Mullumbimby Santos Wholefoods Manager

The Chef Training Program is for people who want to:

  • Train to become a vegan chef;
  • Learn in a safe environment where there is only plant based ingredients;
  • Work in a vegan cafe or restaurant; 
  • Start your own vegan food related business.
Attain skills in the kitchen that are taught to you by experienced professionals in each field of plant based cuisine including: 
Setting up your kitchen, knife skills, safe food handling;
  • Nutritional benefits of a vegan diet;
  • Food science including knowledge of the protein, minerals, vitamins and nutrients in vegan food;
  • The importance of sourcing and producing organic and ethical food;
  • Understanding conventional, traditional and modern styles of preparing vegan cuisine;
  • Balancing meals using wholefoods;
  • Developing your own food presentation style;
  • Guidance on creating your own business or applying for vegan chef work;
Learn the intricacies of plant-based cooking such as:
  • Raw Food Cuisine
  • Ayurvedic Cuisine
  • Macrobiotic and Wholefoods Cuisine
  • Fermentation and Sour Dough
  • Wedding and Celebration Cake Baking and Decorating
Discover the applications of vegan cuisine for:
  • Easy ways to adapt recipes to cater for individual dietary requirements
  • Creating delicious food for specific dietary intolerances or illnesses
  • Crafting interesting and complimentary menus and meal plans
As the training takes a predominantly hands-on approach, you will gain practical experience and be supported by me at every stage.
This program offers hands-on training experience with time in between training modules to practice your culinary skills, develop your recipes and menus, and prepare for skill demonstration during the following modules.
The structure of this program enables you to self evaluate your progress, and receive peer and trainer feedback, as well as support, throughout your time training with Veet.

What you can expect from the online Vegan Chef Training

Exceptional teaching and training from Veet.
A highly professional training environment that cares for and respects the individual.
A wealth of information and skills in how to prepare delicious and healthy vegan cuisine.
A training that will get you started on creating your own business, or offer inspiration in your existing one.
A launching pad to start your life of good health and great eating.


Finish this training program with:

 Your own portfolio of recipes

A signature dish

 Restaurant quality food and your own unique presentation skills

This training doesn’t just teach you the knowledge, it gives you the training ground to put that knowledge into practice, and encourages you to tap into your creativity so that you can put your own individual spin on vegan cuisine.
“As Hippocrates said many years ago ‘Food is thy medicine and medicine is thy food.’ The vegan cooking school uses that as the basis of all cooking, theory and practice. Veet teaches in a professional, caring way. I have come away from each module with incredible experiences, recipes and knowledge.”
Amanda Attard
Owner of Sweets & Greens, Gold Coast

What You Will Learn & When

  Module 1 Foundation

Module Length: Module 1 – 3 x 3 hour sessions

Module Outline

Session 1 Simple healthy sweet treats, preservative free cooking, staple vegan meals, health and hygiene in the kitchen, safety in the kitchen, vegan protein part one, knife cutting skills, cooking methods for beans, grains and vegetables

Session 2 Creative vegan breakfasts, vegan complete protein B12 iron and essential nutrients, soups and salads galore, knife cutting skills

Session 3 The science of baking and preserving, knife sharpening skills, timing in the kitchen, creating your own signature dish, sushi and twenty minute meals, ethical cooking and grounding techniques for staying calm in the kitchen


In-person dates in 2024
(you can still attend this course in-person in 2024)

1st to 3rd Feb
7th to 9th March
18th to 20th April 
16th to 18th May
4th to 6th July 
29th to 31st August 
3rd to 5th October
For online dates confirm and book in with Veet.


Module 2  Raw Cuisine

Module Length: 2 x 3 hour sessions

Module Outline

Session 1 Dehydration, breakfasts, pizza, flat bread,  crackers, lasagne, corn chips, felafels and middle eastern cuisine, knife and mandolin skills, raw cakes

Session 2 Raw cakes, south east asian lunch, pizza toppings, cake decorating, knife skills and mandolin skills


Dates will be arranged with you and Veet for the online training. 

Module 3 Ayurveda

Module Length: 2 x 3 hour sessions

Module Outline

Session 1  Theory of Ayurvedic cooking, Cooking traditional Ayurvedic breakfasts, lunch and dinner

Session 2  Cooking for specific doshas, Western Ayurvedic cooking and Ayurvedic sweat treats


Dates will be arranged with you and Veet for the online training. 

Module 4 Macrobiotic, Wholefoods & Italian

Module Length: 2 x 3 hour sessions

Module Outline
Macrobiotic manual provided and self study and recipe development done in own time.
Session 1 Macrobiotic cooking, wholefood products from scratch cheeses using agar, tahini, savoury muffins etc
Session 2 Italian wholefoods, ravioli, grilled veg, panna cotta, Italian biscuits, polenta

Dates will be arranged with you and Veet for the online training. 

Module 5 Fermentation, Activated Grains, Miso

Module Length: 2 x 3 hour sessions

Module Outline
Session 1  Activated Grains, miso sauerkraut, kim chi
Session 2  ½ day – jamu, fire tonic, shrubs, kamboucha (with Lili and Sue from Organic Forrest)

Dates will be arranged with you and Veet for the online training. 

 Module 6 Dietary Requirements

Module Length:  2 x 3 hour sessions

Module Outline

Session 1 Specific diets, gluten free and coeliac, making pastry, cakes and other specialty dishes, cooking for people with diabetes, hashimotos and diverticulitis

Session 2 Developing recipes for people with PKU Low FOD map diets, Gaps and Paleo diets following vegan principals, planning to prepare for any dietary requirement 


Dates will be arranged with you and Veet for the online training. 

Module 7 Menu Planning and Food Photography

Module Length: 2 x 3 hour sessions

Module Outline

Session 1 Food Photography 

Session 2 Menu planning cafes, retreats and events

Dates will be arranged with you and Veet for the online training. 

Module 8 Event Cake Baking and Advanced Skills Establishing a Business (EAB)

Module Length: 3 x 3 hour sessions

Module Outline
Session 1 Event Cake Baking if you can attend an in person class or you can choose something else to do like more faux foods or other baked goods like croissants etc.
Session 2 Event Cake Baking if you can attend an in person class or you can choose something else to do like more faux foods or other baked goods like croissants etc.
Session 3 Theory – establishing a food business.

Dates will be arranged with you and Veet for the online training. 

Module 9 Follow Up Business Mentoring

Module Length: 3 x 1 hour sessions

Module Outline

Follow Up Business Mentoring

1:1 group or individual business mentoring online with Veet after you have graduated from the Vegan Chef Training.


Dates will be arranged with you and Veet for the online training. 

Your Investment

Time Investment

Vegan Chef Training consists of Modules 1-9

The online program consists of 18 x 3 hour 1:1 sessions with home tasks in between 

plus 3 x 1 hour business mentoring sessions after you have graduated from the course.

NB - 1:1 tuition for all modules except module 9 you may be joined by other graduates.


Financial Investment

Vegan Chef Training

Online Training - $9,945 (early bird price $9,545 ends 30th June)

*10% discount for NDIS clients.
Payment plan options available.  Contact Veet for information. 


Enrol in Veet’s Vegan Chef Training Program


Can you do the training if you don’t want to be a chef?

Most definitely, this training will set individuals up for a lifetime of healthy, fun and interesting eating as a vegan. The aim of Veet's Vegan Cooking School Training for individuals is for them to spread the enthusiasm for cooking well-balanced vegan food onto their families and friends. Learning ways to involve the whole family and in turn passing on the love of cooking and great nutrition to future generations.

How small are the classes?

Class sizes for all modules have a maximum of 6 people.

Does your course accommodate people who want to do the training for their own home use?

Yes most definitely. The course is designed so that if you are doing the training for your own health reasons you will be well supported in this and everything you learn will give you a sound understanding of how to stay healthy as a vegan.

Will I be able to get a job after the training?

If you apply for a job in a vegan or vegetarian café your skills learned and confidence attained during the course will definitely help in a job interview. The Vegan Chef and Lifestyle Training is well known around Australia and in some parts of the world so many vegan café and restaurant owners will know of the training.

If you want to start your own vegan food business you will have the confidence and know how on how to go about doing this.

Is there somewhere I can stay if I am travelling to do the training?

There are lots of accommodation options please contact us and we will send you a list of accommodation possibilities.

Are all modules compulsory?
Foundation Course (Module 1) must be finished first.
Modules 2 - 5 can be done after the Foundation Course (Module 1). 
Modules 6 - 9 can be done after the Foundation Course and Modules 2-5 have been completed.
Is there a payment plan?
Yes there is a payment plan – the course paid for in 4 installments over a 12 month period. 
Is the chef’s training accredited?

The training is not accredited with any other institute. Unless you are prepared to handle meat no accreditation can be found for a purely vegetarian / vegan chef. What you will receive from this training is a comprehensive understanding of vegetarian / vegan cuisine and you will gain the confidence to either start your own business or become an expert in your field amongst the chef world. You will receive a certificate of attainment, a portfolio of recipes that will set you up for a lifetime of preparing vegan cuisine and references written for you by the trainers.

Can I apply for your course on a student visa?

If you are from overseas you will need to apply for a tourist or work visa to attend the training.

Where is the training held?

The courses are held at 67 Hall Drive Murwillumbah.

How can I pay for the course?

You can pay through direct debit. Once your application has been approved you we will send you the details. 

Can I get a refund if I cancel a booking?

The terms and conditions of booking a course are as follows

  • To secure your place in an individual module or the full training of the course you will need to pay the amount in full.
  • Once you have paid for a module or the entire training no refund will be granted.
  • A full credit for a module or the training will be granted if you give more than 30 days notice to each module commencing.
  • If you cancel a module within 30 days and before 48 hours to a module starting you will be given a credit minus $250 administration fee. If Veet's Vegan Cooking School or yourself manages to fill your place with another participant then the admin fee will be waived.
  • If you cancel within 48 hours prior to any module starting you will receive no credit.
  • If you want to change a date of a module you are booked into you need to give 30 days notice and it will be subject to availability.
  • Once you have started any module and have to leave for any reason you will not receive a credit. If you want to make up the days you have missed they will be at your own expense.
Is there an advanced level after this program?
Yes there is a post-graduate program available for chefs wanting to become Cooking Class Facilitators.
Once you have completed modules one to nine you are eligible to apply for The Cooking Class Facilitator Training. This module is an optional extra and is part of the post graduate program.
The post-graduate program is an eighteen day course broken up into three units and spread over eight months. It comprises eighteen full days of tuition plus eight days of assistant teaching (scheduled within your own timetable) and twelve hours of teaching practice at home or in a community based setting.
Read More about the Post-Graduate Program
Contact us for training dates and pricing. 
Can this course be attended online?
Yes it can. Contact Veet for details
Can I choose the dates to do the training?
Yes you can choose the dates that suit you and Veet to do this training. Email Veet for details 
“It is safe to say that Module 1 course exceeded my expectations. Veet was so generous when sharing her experiences, tips and creativity – we truly felt a part of her world! Although each student had their own specific goals, Veet was able to weave the course content to suit these individual needs, and everyone contributed to the delicious meals. This was a working kitchen – busy, focused and time-based – goals were set and roles were clear. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from Veet, as well as the other students on the course, and am more confident than ever to start my own vegan restaurant.”
Jason Lawless
Restaurant Owner, New Zealand
“The amount of skills and knowledge we learnt in the training, was the equivalent of years of knowledge for me, without lacking any information! I’ve loved being taught by Veet this year, she is such a knowledgeable down to earth woman, and she is always there for any questions. I would 100% recommend doing this course, it has benefitted not just my nutrition knowledge, but the skills I will need to one day open up my own catering or food related business.”
Sammy Flook
Director of Core Health, Sydney

How To Apply

To apply to take part in the next intake of Veet’s Vegan Chef Training, please click the button below to fill out the enrolment form. We will contact you within 3 business days to confirm acceptance into the program and organise payment to confirm your place in the program.


Vegan Chef Training Terms & Conditions