Breakfast Congee

  • 22 June 2022

What do you eat for breakfast? Do you eat the same thing every day or vary it up? My mum told me as a child that if you have breakfast you set yourself up for the day. Even science proves this. Studies show that if children don’t have breakfast their bodies struggle with absorbing the nutrients they need in the day and some studies show that children perform worse at school if they don’t have...


Electrolyte Drink

  • 16 June 2022

Do you struggle to stay hydrated during the cooler months? If so you are definitely not alone, in the cooler days the whole day can pass with me only drinking one or two glasses of water.


Vegetable Bake with Cauliflower Cheese Sauce

  • 07 June 2022

Hope everyone is very well. I am buzzing with happiness after this last month of facilitating modules 2 to 5 of the Vegan Chef Training, as well as a few private days of teaching cooking and nutrition and now this last weekend the June 3 Day Foundation Cooking Course. This was a wonderful three days with five fabulous participants. We had a full house (5 is my maximum) and a lot of incredible...


Mushroom Dip or Pate

  • 24 May 2022

Huge apologies everyone for my very overdue newsletter and recipe. I was not well for a week then went straight into the Vegan Chef Training that has been fantastic but all consuming.


Ukrainian Cabbage Rolls

  • 27 April 2022

What’s your relationship with cabbage? Do you love it or loathe it? I love it, I love a great coleslaw and I eat cabbage in the form of home made sauerkraut twice a day. When it comes to cooking it though I shy away from it a little bit but due to its immense health benefits I have been adding it a lot more into my diet. I have noticed that if I eat raw red cabbage I digest it really well but if...


Vegan Lamingtons

  • 05 April 2022

Last minute spot has come up in this week’s Vegan Foundation Course. Who is ready for some spontaneity and wants to take the jump and join in this 3 days of wonderful cooking? You will take home not only incredible food but more than 60 recipes, a cook book and a big manual full of really good information, along with loads and loads of tips and tricks to make life in the kitchen a whole lot of...


Royal Bubble and Squeak

  • 29 March 2022

My apologies to those who love receiving my newsletter on a weekly basis. Since the floods in our area I lost the momentum to write weekly but I am back with renewed enthusiasm and some great recipes to share with you. After two of my courses being cancelled due to floods we were able to go ahead last week and what a fabulous 3 days were shared with 5 wonderful people. We had a full house. Five...


Sprouting Legumes

  • 09 March 2022

Hope you are all well and not affected by the flood damage in NSW and Queensland. If you are please reach out. While I personally am not affected by the floods I do live in a town and area that is presently in devastation. It has been incredible how much support has been offered from people locally and all over the country. I have been out helping and have taken a few days off so as to attend to...


Potato and Pea Latke with Tomato, Mushroom and Corn Salsa

  • 24 February 2022

Loving what I do for a living has always been a priority for me. Observing the difference I make through the work I do makes me wake up each day with joy and energy. When my work hasn’t felt this way in the past I have shifted focus and taken my energy elsewhere.


Salad Nicoise

  • 15 February 2022

A fabulous two weeks just passed and I totally got too busy to do a recipe last week, apologies. I was busy facilitating a fabulous Vegan Foundation Course, a Tailored 1 day class with a lovely mother and daughter and started two more VIP Nutrition Packages with some very important people indeed. I have made up for my tardiness though of missing a week by including some very valuable information...