Cooking Tip 102 (Make Your Own Chocolate)

Cooking tip 102 making your own chocolate is one of those things you will wish you had always been doing. Making your own chocolate is much better than buying it.  Three reasons why: it’s cheaper, you can regulate what you put in it and it is always available in the fridge or freezer, you don’t have to make a trip to the shop when you feel like a piece of chocolate. 
This recipe I share with you today is probably the naughtiest recipe I have ever shared on my blog posts but I thought it was celebration time. Nine years ago I moved into my present home and it also coincided with me starting to write blog posts. 
This recipe today is the last that comes to you from down town Mullumbimby as I am moving house as you read this, in fact I’ll probably be on my 7th unloading trip as this newsletter hits your inbox.  A naughty recipe is definitely called for by way of celebration. So here is to a fabulous vegan version of rocky road, enjoy and let me know what you added in yours.


Rocky Road

500g vegan chocolate – dark or milk – I used dark 
250g vegan marshmallows
100g macadamia nuts 
50g pistachios 
2 tbsp crystalised ginger (optional)
¼ cup sultanas (this can be changed for another dried fruit if you prefer)
2 tbsp dried cranberries
2 tbsp activated buckwheat


  1. Place the chocolate in a bowl sitting over a saucepan of water and put on the heat and stir chocolate with a spatula until all melted.
  2. Mix in all of the other ingredients.
  3. Line a 20 cm rectangular pyrex or other dish with baking paper and pour in the chocolate mixture and level out on the top (some chocolate covered marshmallows will pop up – no probs)
  4. Place in the fridge for 3 hours or so or until it is set and then you can cut it into any shape you like.
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Have a wonderful week everyone.



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