Camping meals made in one pot

For those of you following Veet’s Vegan Cooking School on Instagram and Facebook you will probably remember I recently went away on a camping road trip and promised to bring back some recipes from my time on the road. Well here is the first installment. Now I am back in my big kitchen with all my fancy equipment I really miss my camp food. I love that I only had one pot to wash up and that I made just enough food for the two of us with no left overs to have to deal with.


Spaghetti Carbanara (recipe inspired by our trip to Bali)

I don’t know about you but do holidays or time spent away always run smoothly? If I go to the Osho Meditation Resort they usually run very smoothly and usually everywhere else I go also runs relatively smoothly but then on occasion some holidays have had challenges. At the beginning of this month Makrand and I treated ourselves to twelve days in Bali to celebrate seventeen years of being together.


A thousand year old rehydrating breakfast dish to kickstart your day

We have just completed the fourth module of the chef and lifestyle training: Macrobiotic cooking, wholefoods and Italian wholefoods. Both Paul Pitchford of Healing with Wholefoods and George Oshawa who developed the macrobiotic diet suggest starting breakfast with something moist to help re hydrate the body after its rest in the night. Miso soup is perfect for that and it is so easy to adapt to suit what your body feels like eating and what is in season.


Ramen Noodle Soup The Easy and Delicious Way

A few weeks back a post on a vegan facebook site took my fancy. It was a recipe for Ramen noodle soup and it looked incredibly delicious. So I madly posted the recipe on my facebook pages and groups, and put it on my ‘to cook one day list.’ A few weeks later I decided to cook the soup for dinner and asked Mak if he could print out the recipe. He brought it to me saying ‘wow that looks like an awful lot of work.’ I couldn’t believe it when I saw the recipe. It was long and consisted of at least 7 different components. I thought I can’t make that, but had promised both myself and Mak, ramen noodle soup for dinner.


Miso Tahini Sauce and Thai Basil Pesto

What is buzzing and humming food? (plus an idea to make those times when you need to get a quick meal or snack easier)

I am rehasing an old blog post here, one that I know many of you missed so thought to run this idea past you.

Do you prefer buzzing food or humming food?

What is this you may ask?

It is something my partner and I talked about years ago, it was his analogy. When I stopped eating dairy this year I really understood what we had been talking about.