Tailored Cooking Class

Duration 1hr+

These classes are tailored to your needs in the kitchen assisting you to feel more confident in knowing what to cook on a daily basis ensuring you are getting all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need in order to live healthily.

Sessions include:

  The recipes

  Helpful tips and tricks and nutritional information

  Take home organic food (for face to face sessions)


Some example sessions are:

  • How to cook healthy and delicious meals
  • How to cook specific types of meals (e.g. – Thai or Italian cuisine or high protein foods)
  • How to cook for specific dietary requirements
  • How to cook to improve your individual health (e.g. iron rich foods, foods low in sodium for hypertension, foods that support peri menopause and menopause, foods to detox or foods to build, Strength after surgery etc.)
  • How to menu plan for yourself on a regular basis

How we can tailor your sessions

Complete protein meals
Iron rich meals
Calcium rich meals
Immune Boosting recipes
Cooking beans from scratch (the right way)
Removing phytic acid & oxalates from food
Healthy eating for weight loss
Fridge staples
Cheese and butter

20 minute meals
Easy lunch ideas
Balanced meals
Sweet treats
Bulk food cooking
Knife skills
Meals high in protein
Winter warming recipes
Fresh and Vibrant summer recipes

Your Investment

1 Hour Sessions

$150 Online / $195 In-Person for a 1 hour session
$702 for a bundle of 4 x 1hr sessions
(Bring an extra person for $50 extra p/h)

4 & 6 Hour Sessions

You can book a session that is longer in duration for those of you who may have to travel from further afield to attend a session and want to have a more comprehensive session all at once.
$702 for 4 hours
$990 for 6 hours
(Bring an extra person for $50 extra p/h)

Online Sessions

10% discount for online sessions

Group Bookings

For group bookings of more than 2 people can you contact info@veets.com.au

NB: All Prices are $AUD and include 10% GST

Book Your Tailored Cooking Class Now

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“Veet gave my adolescent daughter and niece private cooking lessons that they loved, which created great food, and which gave them a sense that they are secure in being able to provide a healthy vegan diet for themselves. Their confidence is palpable and I'm incredibly grateful. Veet's a huge asset to developing young adults; there's no better gift for your teenager in my mind.”
Dr Anna Rogers