Picnic Food Ideas Including a Quinoa Tabbouleh with a Magical Tahini Sauce

As I am writing this I am planning a kayak trip up our local river and then plan to have a picnic in my front yard before getting back to my paper work. So it feels like it’s picnic time and time to get out my picnic creativity.


A burger recipe worth trying (you’ll want to make it every week I guarantee)

I have a variety of burger recipes and I love them all. Then I have a burger recipe which I teach on the food photography cooking class as part of The Vegan Chef and Lifestyle Training. Every year when I make these burgers I wonder to myself why I don’t make them more often. They are really good, they are juicy and soft and sit well in a burger bun or on top of a quinoa salad.


Miso Tahini Sauce and Thai Basil Pesto

What is buzzing and humming food? (plus an idea to make those times when you need to get a quick meal or snack easier)

I am rehasing an old blog post here, one that I know many of you missed so thought to run this idea past you.

Do you prefer buzzing food or humming food?

What is this you may ask?

It is something my partner and I talked about years ago, it was his analogy. When I stopped eating dairy this year I really understood what we had been talking about.


Nut Balls with Tahini Coconut Yoghurt Sauce

Could you go without meat for a week? Go on give it a go.

How long can you go without eating meat?

Can you go a week without eating meat- this week is your chance to give it a go. The 23rd of March to the 29th of March is Meat free week- an initiative set up in 2013

What is meat free week?

Meat free week is an opportunity t,o as a collective give up meat for a week-

Why give up meat for a week?

Three very simple and profound reasons


Brazil Nut Hummus

A great way to make organic food cheap

I am baffled when people tell me they would eat organic food if it were cheaper. I buy organic lettuce from my farmers market for the exact same price as I would if I bought a lettuce from the super market. My farmers market lettuce is a bit smaller but it definitely is more filling and it lasts much longer in the fridge.


Raw Zucchini and Carrot Noodles with an Unnamed Sauce

Did you know that peanuts aren't actually nuts? (plus a great alternative recipe to peanut sauce)

Peanuts were the first "nut' I ever ate, by the handful smothered in salt feeling happy to be eating them as well as feeling guilty that I couldn't share them with my brother. As a child my brother was highly allergic to peanuts. I loved them when I was young but for a few decades now have stayed away from them completely. The last time I ate them I became incredibly bloated and wondered if I was developing an allergy.


The Super Food of Super Foods (and it grows right here in Australia)

I can't stop raving about hemp seeds and I only discovered them a couple of years ago. A big bag accompanies me on any retreat I cater for and I am known to take them with me when I go away. In my eyes hemp seeds are really the super food of super foods as they are a complete protein. Along with soy beans and bea pollen they are the only complete protein in a plant based diet. In simple terms eating hemp seeds is like eating a piece of steak. Hemp seeds contain all nine essential amino acids which classifies it as a complete protein.


Calcium & Macrobiotic Lunch & Tahini Caramel Balls

Calcium & Macrobiotic Lunch & Tahini Caramel Balls

For those who follow my blog posts you will know I have had a break from dairy for more than a month. I actually feel my body needs a longer break and I will continue for a few more months without dairy or at least reduce it to a minimum amount. The main reasons being that my digestion seems happier and that I am more creative with my protein when not eating dairy, which I feel is important as I can get a lot more nutrients, minerals and vitamins from wholefoods and plant based foods than I can from dairy.