Winning Winter Breakfast

What do you eat for breakfast? Do you eat the same thing every day or vary it up? My mum told me as a child that if you have breakfast you set yourself up for the day. Even science proves this. Studies show that if children don’t have breakfast their bodies struggle with absorbing the nutrients they need in the day and some studies show that children perform worse at school if they don’t have breakfast.
I personally need a good breakfast but if I am completely honest with you it is one meal I struggle with. I start off eating something I love each day then after a week I get bored with it.  
In the summer months I was enjoying a salad but now that it is colder I thought I would try having a go at porridge. After only two days of porridge I really wasn’t enjoying it. I don’t have such a sweet tooth and was about to start looking for another alternative when a friend mentioned that she had eaten congee the night before. This gave me the idea to try a savoury porridge and now I am hooked. Two weeks later I am still eating a version of congee for breakfast using rolled rice and I wake up each morning looking forward to making it. 


Quick Congee Breakfast Porridge

This is super flexible you can add what you like to it especially the toppings. 
¼ to ½ cup rolled rice flakes (or oats if not gluten free) soaked overnight
3 slices shitake mushrooms (soaked overnight)
1 piece of wakame or 1 tsp kelp flakes 
Handful of leafy greens (I use bok choy or broccoli leaves or kang kung or moringa from the garden)
Pinch salt 
Avocado slices 
1 tsp chilli oil 
2 tsp tahini 
1 to 2 tsp tamari or liquid aminos
Sauerkraut or kimchi


  1. Place the rice flakes in a saucepan with 4 times the amount of water. Add the shitake mushrooms and wakame or kelp flakes and bring to the boil.
  2. Add the leafy greens and turn down to a simmer, usually takes 10 minutes to cook the rice flakes through.
  3. Pour into a bowl and add the toppings and enjoy slurping your warm and nourishing congee porridge.
# If you make this recipe please share on facebook or instagram to #veetsvegancookingschool

3 Day Foundation Cooking Course

New dates are out for the 3 Day Vegan Foundation Cooking Course. Pricing will go up in 2023 however if you book in for next year’s dates before 31st July you will receive 2022 prices.
Pricing is currently $1086. Pricing in 2023 with me $1108. So reserve your 2023 date and pay before the 31st July to receive the 2022 price of $1086.
19th 21st January 
16th to 18th March 
13th to 14th April
4th to 6th May 
25th to 27th May


Menopause Cooking and Nutrition Workshop

I am enjoying putting the syllabus together for the Menopause Cooking And Nutrition Workshop which will be announced very soon. The Workshop is for anyone going into peri menopause, menopause or who are post menopausal. 
If anyone is interested in receiving information on this workshop and would like to go on the mailing list for this please email me and let me know.
The day will comprise 7 hours of cooking and nutrition sessions with lots of recipes to go home with and of course organic food to eat during the day and take home with you.
Please email Veet to go on list and be the first to know about the workshop when it is announced.

Thali Plate Workshop 

Who misses ordering a thali plate meal when in India or would love to even enjoy a thali plate meal for the very first time? A thali plate consists of rice, chapatti or roti, a dhal and 2 to 3 curries, a chutney and a raita. We will cover all of these dishes in the Thali Plate Workshop and more. The workshop is run over 3 hours and is conducted on a 1:1 basis either online or in person.
Online course $280
In person $390
You will receive all the recipes and you can record the workshop on zoom if doing it online.
In person you will receive all the recipes and samples of all we make to take home with you. All food will be organic.
This workshop is not yet listed on my website so book in with me by emailing.

Early Bird Pricing for The Vegan Chef Training

Module 1   3 Day Foundation Course $1086
Modules 2 - 9
Early Bird Pricing
Paid before 30th June 2022 – $10,493 (save $6,467)
Paid before 31st July 2022 - $12,493 (save $4,467)
Paid before 31st December 2022 - $14,900 (save $2,060)
Paid after 31st December 2022 - Full price of $16,880
* These prices include GST, full manual, all organic produce, food provided during the course and to take home for the evening meal, celebration meal for you and one guest on the last day.
* 10% discount if course is taken online.

Dates for January or February 2023

25th to 28th January  - Module 2-5 
1st to 3rd February - Module 2-5 
6th to 10th February - Module 6-9 
14th to 18th February - Module 6-9 
Contact  Veet  to book in for any of these dates or another date of your choosing. Or schedule a time to talk to Veet about the course.


Have a wonderful week everyone.



3 Day Foundation Course

Duration 3 Days
Cost $1,086
In this 3 day course, we will cover the fundamentals in vegan cooking and nutrition. The class is hands on and you will immerse yourself in three full days of vegan organic cuisine.

Vegan Chef Training

Duration 19.5 days
Cost In-Person $17,966  Online Available
Gain professional chef skills, get hands on training experience, and work with organic and locally sourced plant-based produce in the biggest growth market in food today: Vegan Cuisine.


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