Who would like some inspiration for making food this Christmas?  Here are some winner recipes.

Christmas is not long now and even if you don’t celebrate the occasion, you may be invited to a gathering. So here are a few recipes that may inspire you to get in the festive cheer or at least ensure you are well fed when you are invited to any of the celebrations going on.

Each year I post up a different recipe to make it easier for you so I have listed all the links in this email so you can check out past recipes. The nut roasts are a winner especially for more traditional feasts, the potato cakes you better make three batches because everyone will want them, the salads delightful and the christmas cake better than any dairy one ever. For christmas cake fans you will give them a treat with this one. The brownie for those who aren’t into christmas cake and this new recipe this year is for those who miss halloumi or like a more Italian style salad with their christmas spread.

Mediterranean style Tofu Caprese


750 gm hard tofu cut into halloumi shape slaices
Juice of 2 lemons
¼ cup nutritional yeast
1 heaped tsp salt
¼ cup olive oil

4 tomatoes sliced
2 avocadoes sliced
1 bunch basil leaves picked


Place the unwrapped tofu in some kitchen paper and then put on a plate or chopping board and place something heavy on it. This will drain off any water. Leave it for an hour. Then marinade the tofu in the lemon juice, nutritional yeast, salt and oil. Marinate for an hour if you have the time. Then char grill the slices on a griddle pan.

On a plate or platter place one tofu slice, then a piece of avocado, then tomato and top with basil. Repeat this until there is no tofu, tomato or avocado left.

Nut roast

Potato cakes

Omega 3 rich salad ideas

Christmas Cake



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Please let me know what you make for any gatherings you go to and upload a photo on the vegan recipes facebook page I would love to see what you make

Have a great week and remember to breath in the build up to the festive, silly season. As I am away on holiday in a place that doesn’t celebrate Christmas so all calm for me right now.

With love from another country


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