Menopause Cooking & Nutrition Class

Duration: 3 x 2 hours or Full Day

This course is for people who are in the peri menopause, menopause or post menopause stage of life. Learn skills to start incorporating foods that will support your health in these stages of life. We will look at foods that will help increase estrogen, help with hot flushes, sleep and weight loss. We will also look at foods that will ensure you are getting enough calcium in your diet.You will get:

  • Food Lists for menopause
  • Food Lists for adding calcium into your daily life
  • Information factsheets  on Nutrition for menopause
  • Recipes to help with menopause 
  • Organic food to eat during the day 
  • Organic food to take home for dinner 

Your Investment

GROUP: $1680 AUD for up to 5 people in a group class  

Includes 10% GST
Dates of your choice


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