You Can Keep Weight off & Eat Carbs Too

In the modern world of maintaining one’s weight, people have misunderstood the idea of avoiding carbohydrates. Many people cut out the full carbohydrate macronutrient and by doing this they are depriving their body of many important benefits, they are missing out on resistance starch, fibre and a whole range of nutrients including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

The idea is not to cut out carbohydrates altogether but to avoid refined carbohydrates like fried chips, white bread and white rice and replace them with wholefoods like whole wheat, brown rice, whole grains fresh fruits, oven baked potatoes, beans and legumes. 
This week’s recipe is packed with nutrition, fibre, resistance starch, vitamins, minerals, protein prebiotics, probiotics and a whole lot of yum.
Include legumes in your diet if not daily then definitely every two to three days. Include healthy carbohydrates in your daily intake of food and you will still see weight loss results if that is your goal.
If you have trouble digesting legumes please write to me and I will send you information on how to change this.
The Chickpea and Red Lentil Moroccan Hot Pot with Tahini Sauce recipe is inspired by a recipe that 2 participants of the Vegan Foundation Course created, and a recipe I found in the most recent Nourish Magazine.

Chickpea and Red Lentil Moroccan Hot Pot with Tahini Sauce

2 tbsp olive oil 
2 cups cooked chickpeas
1½  cups cooked red lentils 
2 onions sliced 
2 chilies cut small (optional)
3 tomatoes diced
1 can tomatoes or 400g diced tomatoes
1½ tsp cumin seeds
1½ tsp smoked paprika 
1 tsp turmeric
1½ tsp cinnamon powder
1½ tsp salt or 2 tsp herb salt 
2 carrots diced 
2 parsnips diced 
2 cups butter nut pumpkin diced 
2 cups water 
1 cup mint leaves finely shredded
1 bunch kale – stalks removed and then leaves shredded 
100g apricots sliced finely
Tahini Sauce
¼ cup tahini
Juice of 1 big lemon
¼ cup water 
Salt and pepper


  1. Place the oil, onions, carrots and parsnips into a saucepan with the tomatoes and salt and Sauté for a few minutes, then add spices and garlic and simmer with lid on for 5 minutes.
  2. Add the pumpkin, apricots and water and bring to the boil. Then add the kale, chickpeas and lentils and simmer on a very low heat for 20 to 30 minutes. Stir through half of the mint.
  3. While Tagine is cooking make the tahini sauce by mixing the ingredients in a bowl.
  4. To serve the Tagine with tahini sauce and a garnish of mint 
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Activated Grain Class

Would you like to spend 4½  hours learning how to create really fabulous food from a box of soaked grains and legumes? 
One spot in the 25th July course has presented itself and I would love to have you along in my kitchen. You will get to eat the food and take it home too – it’s all organic. These are recipes that you will want to make time and time again, not one-offs that you never look at again.
In this class you will make the following, using a mix of soaked grains
  • Buckwheat bread 
  • Activated grain mix to make: 
  • Chocolate cake 
  • Focaccia like bread 
  • A fermented loaf or bread rolls 
  • Thai sweet corn cakes 
  • Pancakes 
  • Biscuits 
I would also show you how to make your own rejuvelac (probiotic to make cheese and butter). 
Go through butter recipe again and make a sliceable fetta.
Investment: $295 including GST and food to eat at morning tea and food to take home 
Date: Monday 25th July 


Cooking at Home with Veet 

Cooking at Home with Veet is an online course that consists of 5 modules with over 7 hours of video. It is self paced and can be completed in your own time. You can revisit it and do it over and over again if you wish. Until the 31st July it will be priced at $99 instead of $249 so the countdown is on until you can make the most of this crazy cheap price. It is the cost of a meal out, it’s a no brainer to buy the course as it is something that you can refer to time and time again.

Menopause Mailing List 

I am getting closer to announcing dates for the menopause cooking and nutrition course. This course is for people in Perimenopause, Menopause and Post Menopausal. We will cover recipes that will support you and your hormones through these wonderful stages of our lives. We will also focus on nutrition that is important during this time. 
If you would like to be one of the first to know about this course please let me know and I will put you on the mailing list.


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