Yahoo finally I am announcing the new dates for The Vegan Chef and Lifestyle Training happening later this year. All the dates are below the recipe for the very creamy zucchini slice. Don’t miss out on attending some or all of the training as I will not be offering this training in the first half of 2018. So for those of you who are waiting for next year now is the time to jump and do it in 2017 instead.

The first three days of the course are for everyone. The foundation course is for people who want to implement more plant based foods into their diets and for others who want to learn quick and helpful ways of making plant based food not only delicious but nutritionally sound too. You also get to learn how to adapt regular recipes to vegan recipes and how to substitute produce if something is not in season.

The recipe I share with you this week does just that. I used to make an egg and cheddar dense savoury slice called Zucchini Slice. I recently through the prompting of a wonderful person on facebook took the challenge in making a zucchini slice without eggs and cheddar and the result is sensational. Many have said so anyway and I certainly like it.

Hope you enjoy the recipe and please do check out the new dates as I would love to see you in the kitchen one day. Please also share these dates with those who you may think will be interested.

Zucchini Slice

6 medium zucchinis grated
375 soft tofu
375 gm hard tofu
¼ cup soy or almond milk
2 tbsp freshly chopped mint
2 tsp freshly chopped dill
1/3 cup nutritional yeast
juice of 1 lemon or more depending on the size and your taste
1 tbsp gluten free tamari
1 cup cooked rice – cooked aldente – with a slight crunch still left in it
salt and pepper to taste

In a food processor place the tofu and blitz until it resembles fine bread crumbs, add the soy or almond milk to make it a creamy. Turn out into a bowl and mix through all the other ingredients. Taste and add more salt or tamari if needed and more lemon juice if you would like a sharper taste.

Set the oven to 190 C. Place the tofu mixture in a baking paper lined baking dish and cook for 40 minutes or until cooked through – you will know if it is cooked as the top will feel firm and it will completely brown up. It may take up to an hour.  Let sit for an hour to cut as it cuts better – or serve and people can help themselves with a serving spoon.  We had left overs of this slice so I froze it and got slices out and heat it up in a frying pan. This is especially nice as it crisps up this way.

Exciting new dates

I am offering a second training this year and many opportunities to come and do the foundation course.

Here are the dates

Foundation course of The Vegan Chef and Lifestyle Training
May 18th to 20th
July 20th to 22nd
August 3rd to 5th
September 28th to 31st

Module 2  -  Raw Foods 5th to 7th October
Module 3  -  Ayurveda 14th and 15th October
Module 4   - Macrobiotics and Wholefoods19th to 21st of October
Module 5   - Fermentation and sour dough 28th and 29th of October
Module 6  -  Dietary requirements 2nd to 5th of November
Module 7  -  Menu planning 8th to 11th November
Module 8  -  Advanced Baking and Gourmet Vegan 6th to 9th December
Module 9  -  Work Experience and Graduation Business Skills 12th to 16th December

If you have any recipes you would like me to adapt to vegan do let me know. I love the challenge.


Have a great week.


Love Veet

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