Testimonials for The Vegan Chef Training Program

This course has been so rewarding

I have been working as a chef for over 7 years and graduated from Veet's Vegan Cooking School in 2016. What a fantastic experience it was! Veet's course teaches you that healthy cooking does not need to sacrifice flavour. She values her ingredients and has a great appreciation for organic and local produce. The venues are gorgeous, the group is small and intimate and many close friendships were made over the course. Veet teaches in such a fun and approachable way and her enthusiasm is truly contagious. It was also a privilege learning from so many talented guest chefs in their different styles. As a bonus you will leave with an extensive collection of recipes which are easy and delicious!  Veet, you are absolutely amazing and this course has been so rewarding. Thank you for everything.

Emily King, Co Owner of Boneless Cafe, Bermegui

Huge repertoire of skills and recipes

Meeting Veet and studying with The Vegan Cooking School is one of the best things have done in my life thus far. Not only is Veet a wealth of knowledge, she is an amazing teacher and her ethics are of an incredible standard. I came away from the course with a huge repertoire of skills and recipes and the inspiration to follow my dreams in the plant based food industry. I'll be forever grateful to Veet and all the wonderfully skilled teachers who taught us during the diverse 9 modules. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Siobhan O'Reilly, Travelling Cook, Australia

Raw is not boring

Thank you Veet for all the work, preparation and sharing that you contributed to the three day class. Sitting down to enjoy these scrumptious meals made me realise that raw is not boring. In fact far from it, the flavours can be intense. It may take a lot of time to prepare meals but it is well worth it. I left the class feeling energized.

Michael Koda, Yoga Teacher and Carer of Ageing Mum, Sunshine Coast

Broadening my whole food repertoire and kitchen skills

Veets module one was amazing, so much learning and delicious food packed into four fun days of health & vitality. Veets module one was amazing in so many ways, so much learning and delicious food packed into four fun days of health and vitality. Veet gave so much of herself so generously, her knowledge, passion, wisdom and an abundance of beautiful local organic vegan produce to create with. Her dedication to the most wholesome produce is an inspiration and her creations a taste and visual sensation.Thank you Veet for broadening my whole food repertoire and kitchen skills extensively in only four long days! ps; I procrastinated for a long time about doing this course as i thought i could just learn and cook from experimenting with a book but i am very happy i jumped in. There are many things to learn in a real life transmission from someone with so much experience love and passion.

Daisy Punch, Mum, Mullumbimby

Veet is an encyclopedia of vegan cooking and nutritional information

Was such a great pleasure to attend Module 1. You are an absolute encyclopedia of vegan cooking and nutritional information. I thought I knew quite a lot about nutrition, but I had no idea about many things that you taught us, especially the Complete Protein stuff that is vital to good health, and easy to achieve - once you know how. The food we made was amazing and completely different to most food I've made before. I really got a handle on a whole new cooking paradigm for Vegan food, and for anyone wanting to get the best nutrition out of their diet. It is very interesting to notice that even after just 4 days of cooking and eating with you, my tastes have changed and I no longer have such a desire for sweet food or sweet tea. This is something completely unexpected - especially in such a short time, and I think it's to do with the food we made being so satisfying that I no longer crave instant- energy foods.

Susan Podger, Business Owner Masks for Schools, Brunswick Heads

So full of value

I have been incorporating a lot of what you taught us in my home kitchen and feel one thousand times more confident in my knowledge and ability. Module 1 was so full of content and value.  I can't thank you enough for the experience!”

Monica Caligiuri, Director Real Raw Wild Nutrition, Gold Coast

Just do it - you won’t regret it!!

Thank you for all the effort you put into your teachings, I felt truly nurtured and nourished at every step of the journey. Each and every meal was a feast and the recipes were so creative and truly scrumptious. I loved the meditation to keep us on task. To top it all we all went home with a goodie bag. If anyone out there is thinking about it, just do it you won’t regret it!!

Allie Godfrey Market Manager North Byron Farmers Market

One of the greatest experiences of my life

l completed all 9 modules of ‘Veets Vegan Cooking School’ and can honestly say that it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Veet really covers all bases in this course and integrated an amazing variety of talented, specialised chefs and other accomplished people in the health conscious world. l walked away from this course a confident and knowledgable vegan chef and more than that full of the incredible encouragement and trust that Veet instilled in me, that l could do what ever I wanted and had the ability to be a success. So thank you Veet you're the BEST!

Tenzin King, Co Owner of Boneless Cafe, Bermegui

Knowledge and new friendships

Module 2: Raw Food This year I was lucky enough to take part in Veets Vegan Cooking School. This course definitely doesn’t lie with its promise in using the highest quality ingredients. All foods were locally and sustainably bought, being 100% organic. It was inspiring to see local people with the same passion for food, to teach and enhance the vegan experience, and also connecting with people in our classes whom have the same passion for this way of life. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest or a passion for cooking, or are wanting to find more out about the raw food movement! You feel welcomed at any skill level, and come out with not just knowledge but new friendships and an appreciation for good honest food!

Sammy Flook, Directer of Core Health, Sydney

I will never forget this weekend

Module 3: Ayurvedic: I really enjoyed the weekend. Both Jacinta and Veet are really great teachers. I learnt not only how to make a lot of yummy Ayurvedic dishes but I also learnt a lot about myself. I will never forget this weekend.

Michael Koda, Yoga Teacher and Carer of Ageing Mum, Sunshine Coast

One of the best gifts

Veet’s Module One was one of the best gifts I could give myself. Her passion and energy is inspirational and I came away knowing I could make beautiful, nutritious meals that supported my body’s needs. Thank you Veet – wonderful!

Devapriyo, Home Cook, Cabargo

The course exceeded my expectations

It is safe to say the Module 1 course exceeded my expectations.  Veet was so generous when sharing her experiences, tips and creativity – we truly felt a part of her world!  Although each student had their own specific goals, Veet was able to weave the course content to suit these individual needs, and everyone contributed to the delicious meals.  This was a working kitchen – busy, focused and time-based – goals were set and roles were clear.  I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from Veet, as well as the other students on the course, and am more confident than ever to start my own vegan restaurant.

Jason Lawless, Restaurant Owner, New Zealand

Incredible experiences, recipes and knowledge

As Hipocrates said many years ago ‘Food is thy medicine and medicine is thy food.’ The vegan cooking school uses that as the basis of all cooking, theory and practice. Using organic ethically sourced produce and the principles of health and well- being.  Veet teaches in a professional, caring way. I have come away from each module with incredible experiences, recipes and knowledge.

Amanda Attard Owner of Sweets and Greens, Gold Coast

I would 100% recommend doing this course

Module 5: Fermentation This was one of my favourite modules, especially for me suffering from gut related health issues this year. The extent and variety of options under the fermentation segment was incredible, from making sauerkraut, sprouting, essene (seeded breads), kombucha, the amount of skills and knowledge we learnt in 2 days, was the equivalent of years of knowledge for me! I would 100% recommend doing this course, it has benefitted not just my nutrition knowledge, but the skills I will need to hopefully one day open up my own catering or food related business.

Sammy Flook, Directer of Core Health, Sydney

A whole new world at my finger tips

From the very first moment I met Veet l could tell she was a kind, caring and passionate woman who truly had every person's best interests at heart and a deep calling to share the knowledge of a healthy, tasty plant based diet and life style. After each module l felt like l was walking away a new person with a whole new world at my finger tips. She created such a welcoming learning environment with no pressure and a perfect amount of encouragement to do the best possible job l could.

Tenzin King, Co Owner of Boneless Cafe, Bermegui