Omega 3 Rich Treats

The more I learn at university in my nutrition degree the more I see the evidence of how healthy a plant based diet really is. I have always known it instinctively but now it is wonderful to see the science to back it up. Having said this though it is important like with any food style you wish to follow that you ensure you are including all essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals in your cooking.


A Chocolate Cake Packed with Protein (of course its gluten free too)

On the 5th and 6th of September the graduates of the 2016 Chef Training came back together for two days of further learning. It was such a magical two days finding out what they had all been up to in the year since they had graduated. I am so proud of their achievements and how much they have been giving to others since the course. Their love of food and cooking seems even stronger. Part of the two days was that they brought a recipe that they had developed and taught the others how to cook it. All the recipes were incredibly delicious and it is my wish to get their permission from them to share with you all.


The Super Food of Super Foods (and it grows right here in Australia)

I can't stop raving about hemp seeds and I only discovered them a couple of years ago. A big bag accompanies me on any retreat I cater for and I am known to take them with me when I go away. In my eyes hemp seeds are really the super food of super foods as they are a complete protein. Along with soy beans and bea pollen they are the only complete protein in a plant based diet. In simple terms eating hemp seeds is like eating a piece of steak. Hemp seeds contain all nine essential amino acids which classifies it as a complete protein.



At the age of fourteen doing work experience at the Darwin Travelodge to see if cheffing would be my chosen career, I came across avocado for the first time. Avocados had newly arrived in Darwin and I had heard of them as my best friend's mum loved them on toast but had never actually seen or tasted one. One of the chefs supervising me cut an avo in half proclaiming how delicious they were. He waited for my response and I said that I wasn't sure why people raved about them. He assured me that avocados were an acquired taste and I would one day 'get' avocados.


Non Dairy Sprinkles

In all of the sprinkles below, I suggest food processing them but you can easily make them with a mortar and pestle if you would prefer a more traditional method.


1 cup sesame seeds

In a frying pan dry fry the sesame seeds until they brown slightly.  Let cool then process until they form a powder rather than seeds.  Store in an airtight container.