A Mexican Millet Chilli for Both Spring and Autumn

Hope you are all well and enjoying plenty of time getting creative in the kitchen. Filming the online cooking course that I am launching soon has got me all inspired to get back doing Facebook lives (and soon to be Instagram lives). At the moment I am doing daily cooking tips at 2.10 pm (NSW Aussie time). If that time is weird for you depending on where you are and if you are working or off social media at that time I will still post the videos over at Vegan Recipes and Meal Ideas
On this group my cousin asked for recipes for Autumn/Fall as she lives in the other hemisphere to me and as it is raining right now this week where I live in Mullumbimby I thought it was a great time to make a Mexican Chilli recipe and give it a bit of texture by throwing in some millet. Millet is an underused grain/seed in my opinion. It is actually a seed but does break down like a grain. It’s packed with protein, sporting a mighty 11g of protein for only 100g dried millet. It is high in niacin which is great for lowering ‘bad’ cholesterol, contains riboflavin that assists in breaking down carbohydrates, manganese to assist with the break down of proteins as well as containing a good source of magnesium and zinc. It also contains folate and is a wonderful source of dietary fibre.
This chilli is super yummy with beans added but if you are wanting a bean free chilli then omit the beans (although they do add that extra protein and are packed with antioxidants). It’s a versatile recipe. It makes a lot, I would say enough for 6 to 8 people so I froze it. You can eat it with the tortilla recipe or as is. Or do as we did and serve it with Cos lettuce and use them like you would tortilla.


Mexican Millet Chilli with Avocado and Cucumber Salsa

½ cup soaked millet
250g cooked beans (black beans or adzuki beans)
2 tsp ground cumin
4 sprigs of oregano cut fine
2 bay leaves
Salt to taste
1 to 2 tsp hot chillies or 2 fresh chillies cut fine  (optional) 
2 leeks cut fine  (you can use onions – I only had leeks)
½ small cauliflower cut finely 
6 tomatoes
6 sundried tomatoes cut small (use the dried sundried tomatoes not the marinated ones) 
Big handful of collard greens cut finely
4 cloves garlic minced
200g green veg (I used beans, you could use broccoli or zucchini)
1 cob corn 
2 tsp smoked paprika
1 avocado diced
1 tomato diced
1 cucumber diced
½ cup coriander leaves roughly chopped
Squeeze or two (or three) of lemon juice 
1. Cook the millet in salted boiling water for 25 to 35 minutes.
2. Place the leeks, garlic and tomatoes in a wok with a splash or two of water and salt, stir for a few minutes. Then add the cumin, bay leaf, sundried tomatoes and oregano and cover with water. Let cook for ten minutes.
3. Add the cauliflower, collard greens and green veg and cook for up to 10 minutes more. 
4. Fold in the millet adding more water to make the chilli a little juicy and add the smoked paprika, cook for a few minutes then serve with the salsa.
5. To make the salsa place everything together and mix.
Finely chopped cauliflower and green beans
Diced sweet potato
Sundried tomatoes
Shredded collard greens
Collard greens from my garden
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Have a great week everyone
With gratitude Veet


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