Making gluten free bread is easier than you think (and pretty tasty too) 

Have you always wanted to make your own bread but thought it was way too hard? Have you ever thought about making gluten free bread but thought that was even harder than making regular bread?
All of this year I have struggled with buying gluten free bread as I hate that it is plastic and that a lot of them actually don’t have all organic ingredients. Each time I look at the gluten free bread in Santos (our local health food shop) I end up walking away empty handed and vow I will make my own loaf then never do.
With the new one-on-one cooking sessions I have been running I was prompted into making my own gluten free bread and this is the recipe I share with you this week. One of my clients asked for a keto bread. Being an advocate of carbs and not so enamored with the keto diet I was a bit doubtful about developing a keto bread recipe. I looked up a few recipes and tweaked them and this loaf is the finalized product and guess what, it is really quite good. 
I have to admit when I first made the loaf I really thought it wouldn’t be that great so I took it to a friend who loves my food and also gives me honest feedback. I said to him I wasn’t even going to try it as I thought it wouldn’t be any good. He loved it, so I folded and had a try and I was impressed. I ended up bringing some slices home to give to Mak to try and was surprised when he said he liked it (he is a sour dough man and this bread is definitely not sour dough).
As I am studying the essentials of food science in my nutrition masters right now I actually put a full teaspoon of salt in the recipe to give it a better texture and to help it brown better. If you are not concerned about these two things you can reduce the salt. The bread toasts and freezes well.


Gluten Free Bread

2½ cups almond flour 
¾ cup coconut flour 
½ cup flaxseeds
¾ cup psyllium husk 
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tsp salt 
2 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp olive oil 
1¾ cups water and maybe more depending on how dry the ingredients are 


  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C and line a loaf tin with baking paper.
  2. Add all dry ingredients into a mixing bowl and whisk.
  3. When thoroughly combined, add the wet ingredients one by one and mix them in with a spoon.
  4. Place the dough in the pan and bake for 55 minutes.
  5. Allow the baked bread to sit for around 2 to 3 hours out of the tin before serving.
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Food Analysis Sessions

I am offering a food analysis session with a 30 minute consultation. This will check to see what nutrients, vitamins and minerals you are obtaining from your present diet. If you are not meeting the recommended daily intake of vitamins, minerals and nutrients I will suggest ways you can gain these through adding certain foods to your diet.
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3 Day Vegan Foundation Cooking Course

During these turbulent times the best thing to do is to do the things you’ve always wanted to do whenever you can get the opportunity. So if you have had the Three Day Vegan Foundation Cooking Course  on your wish list for a while – I’d book it now if I were you. As who really knows if I will be able to offer it next year. At this stage I have no idea if I will be able to,
I have put on an extra Three Day Vegan Foundation Cooking Course to make up for the postponed one in July.
19th to 21st August- Postponed 
23rd to 25th September- 3 places left 
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  • Be all organic (of course)
  • It will also include recipes for using the tofu and miso,
  • Take home okara (by product of making tofu)
  • Morning tea
  • Take home lunch
  • Veet’s Vegan Cooking School tote bag 
  • 500g organic soy beans and a piece of muslin to start your own batch at home
All of this for $320 including GST is a very good deal indeed. 

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  • How to cook to improve your individual health (e.g. iron rich foods, foods low in sodium for hypertension, foods that support peri menopause and menopause, foods to detox or foods to build   
  • Strength after surgery etc.
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Some of you may have seen that I now have a donate button on the recipe page. In 2020 when we first went into lockdown I thought I would have to give up the weekly recipes as they cost quite a bit of money to put together. 
Mel who uploads and designs the newsletters and puts it all together on my website suggested I didn’t do that as it was important everyone still received recipes during this time. 
So we did a food exchange. I am eternally grateful to her for this offering. This year I can no longer offer food exchange and have been managing to put the newsletters together but some weeks are tough to get the money together so it was suggested to me to put a donate for recipes button on my Facebook. All donations will go towards the newsletters and recipes and all donations will be gratefully appreciated.
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Have a wonderful week everyone.




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