Hydrating During Cooler Months

Do you struggle to stay hydrated during the cooler months? If so you are definitely not alone, in the cooler days the whole day can pass with me only drinking one or two glasses of water. Hydrating the body is important no matter what the weather is doing as dehydration can lead to electrolyte imbalance in the body. Electrolytes that are found in the body are calcium, potassium, chloride, sodium, magnesium, phosphate and bicarbonate. When these are not balanced symptoms of nausea, light headedness, headaches, cramping, irregular heart beat, diarrhoea and fatigue can occur.

Some foods can assist in keeping the body hydrated like berries, melons, oranges, grapefruit, celery, tomatoes, peaches, lettuce, zucchini and cucumber, so during cooler months you may want to add the above (depending on what is in season ) into your diet.

In addition you can add slices of lemon or orange to your glass of water, increase the herbal tea intake or drink warm water. If you find yourself doing a lot of exercise or have been sick you may want to consider making yourself an electrolyte drink.


Electrolyte Drink

2 rosehip tea bags or 2 tsp hibiscus tea leaves 
2 cups filtered boiling water
1 cup of freshly squeezed orange or apple juice
½ cup of lemon or lime juice
1/8 to ¼  teaspoon salt
2 cups to 1 litre of filtered water


  1. Place the tea bags or leaves in a teapot and pour in 2 cups boiling water, add ¼ cup of the lemon juice and let the tea cool down.
  2. When cool strain the tea into a litre jar and add the rest of the ingredients adding as much water as you like. If you add more water be sure to drink it all so you get all the properties of the drink. You can take the drink with you for your day however just be sure to keep it cool if using apple juice as on occasion the apple juice can ferment.
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Cooking School News

I have really big news for the Vegan Chef Training so if you have been thinking of doing the training read below to find out what the changes are.  Also only 17 places left in 2022 for the 3 Day Vegan Foundation Cooking Course and I have a space available for one lucky person to join the 4 hour activated grain class.

The 3 Day Vegan Foundation Course 

The 3 Day Vegan Foundation Course is booking quickly this year with July fully booked and only 2 places left in the August course. In fact there are only 17 places left for the whole of 2022.
If you are thinking about doing it think no more and contact me to book a space.
5th to 7th July (includes a trip to the local markets) - full 
9th to 11th August (includes a market trip) - 2 spots
27th to 29th September (includes a trip to the local markets) - 4 spots 
6th to 8th October - 4 spots 
27th to 29th October - 3 spots 
10th to 12th November - 4 spots 

One-off Class on Activated Grain Recipes 

Three people have booked in for an activated grain class and we are looking for one other person to join them.
In this class you will make the following, using a mix of soaked grains 
Buckwheat bread 
Activated grain mix to make 
Chocolate cake 
Focaccia like bread 
A fermented loaf or bread rolls 
Thai sweet corn cakes 
I would also show you how to make your own rejuvelac (probiotic to make cheese and butter) 
Go through butter recipe again and make a sliceable fetta
Investment: $295 including gst and food to eat at morning tea and food to take home 
Date: Monday 25th July 

Big News for the Vegan Chef Training

I am grinning from ear to ear after recently completing modules 2 - 5 of the Vegan Chef Training.  
This is the 9th time I have taught these modules and once again I am reminded about how good this training really is.
The photos are below of the modules just past.   
Now it is time for me to overhaul the Vegan Chef Training and I have picked the very best out of the training and will facilitate it from now on in a condensed format. It will also be taught on a more individual level with only 1 - 3 participants in the course. 
And the really exciting piece is you get to choose dates that suit you and your own schedule.
As a result of this more personal approach, the price of the Vegan Chef Training will increase considerably. The price has not increased in four years so a price increase has been well overdue.  
However there is some very good news. If you book into either the course that is set in January/February 2023 or set your own dates with Veet and pay before the 30th June, 31st of July or 31st December you will receive a considerable discount.

Chef Training Prices

Module 1   3 Day Foundation Course $1086
Modules 2 - 9
Early Bird Pricing
Paid before 30th June 2022 – old price of $10,493  (save $6,467)
Paid before 31st July 2022 - $12,493 (save $4,467)
Paid before 31st December 2022 - $14,900  (save $2,060)
Paid after 31st December 2022 - Full price of $16,880
These prices include GST, full manual, all organic produce, food provided during the course and to take home for the evening meal, celebration meal for you and one guest on the last day.
10% discount if course is taken online.

Dates for January or February 2023

25th to 28th January  - Module 2-5 
1st to 3rd February - Module 2-5 
6th to 10th February - Module 6-9 
14th to 18th February - Module 6-9 
Contact  Veet  to book in for any of these dates or another date of your choosing. Or schedule a time to talk to Veet about the course.
With gratitude Veet 



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