Welcome to Veganuary with a Happy Song

This is the first blog post for 2021 and I wish you all a happy new year and for those who didn’t receive the newsletter last week I have a super duper new years special on the online course. Check below for details. The course has no time limit so you may want to make the most of the cheap price even if you can’t start it straight away.
I hope 2021 is a year full of everything wonderful for you all and especially that it contains good vegan food all year long. Right now we have entered into Veganuary and there is a big surge of people joining it this year. In light of the Covid 19 virus people are realizing that building their immune system is really important so in order to boost their immune system they are turning to well balanced healthy vegan food.
In the full chef training we cover a full range of different types of eating and I love them all but one that stands out and sings so true for my own health is the macrobiotic system. While it is not technically vegan the majority of the food is vegan and the principles lend well to veganism ensuring you eat locally grown in season food. 
In this blog I share with you some of the principles of a macrobiotic lunch. I also love the philosophies of the macrobiotic diet like one of their suggestions is to sing a happy song every day.
This is my happy song I share with you
Food in my belly makes me feel sat is fied 
Food in my belly gives me great delight
Food in my belly makes me smile from side to side
Food in my belly make me feel so bright
Food food food food food fffff f food 
Food food food food food fffff f food 
Food food food food food fffff f food 
Food food food food food ffffff food 
Lets sing a happy so o o ng 
for all the food that’s gr o o own
For all the food that’s so o own
For all the food that’s pi iiiicked 
For all the plates that’re li iiicked
Food food food food food fffff f food 
Food food food food food fffff f food 
Food food food food food fffff f food 
Food food food food food ffffff food 
Hope you enjoyed the song and hope you enjoy the recipe.

Principles of a Macrobiotic Lunch

  1. Grains – make up to 50% of the bowl – I stick to 25% to 30%- soak the grains the night before in filtered water
  2. Include extra protein (grains have some protein) like seeds, nuts, legumes, sprouts, tofu or tempeh – soak beans night before in water 
  3. up to 60% veg – change the way the veg is cooked for the season – right now I have lots of raw – in winter more cooked.
  4. Include root veg, leafy green veg and stem veg
  5. Include some fermented food – just 5%
  6. Include some seaweed – I usually sprinkle dulce flakes and sometimes add a seaweed salad mix
  7. Make a dressing using some sesame oil and you can thicken it with ground pepitas, sunflower seeds or sesame seeds. Usually seasoned with a small splash of tamari and flavour balanced with vinegar but I use lemon.
  8. In winter add a small bowl of miso soup.


Veet's Macro Plate

½ cup cooked grain – brown rice, millet, black rice and quinoa are all my faves *
¼ cup adzuki beans 
Steamed broccoli and green beans
Baked sweet potato (I bake enough for 2 days) but on this particular day I didn’t have sweet potato so I grated carrot with ¼ apple grated and 1 tbsp currants - this was enough for 2 days.
Stem veg tomato (not strictly macro and also a fruit but tomato makes my skin glow so I leave that it)
Pickled red cabbage 
Lettuce leaves 
3 tsp Hemp seeds 
1 tsp dulce flakes 
Pickled red cabbage (sliced red cabbage and soaked in apple cider vinegar – this lasts ages in the fridge) 
2 tbsp tahini
2 pinches turmeric
1 tbsp lemon juice 
¼ cup water
salt to taste
2 tbsp finely chopped mint 


  1. Cook rice as you normally do. I cook ½ cup brown rice with 1 cup water a touch of salt  bring it to a boil then put on a low heat fro 40 minutes. In this time the water will have evaporated.
  2. Steam the broccoli and beans for 5 minutes
  3. Slice the tomato.
  4. Make the dressing by mixing everything together.
  5. Serve on your favourite plate bowl (that’s a shallow bowl that could almost be a plate). 
*for ½ cup cooked grain you need approx. ¼ cup.
# If you make this recipe please share on facebook or instagram to #veetsvegancookingschool

Time to Stop Sitting on the fence

After 2020 it is very clear that procrastination is a thing of the past. We cannot put off what we want to do as we don’t know what is around each corner so if you are sitting on the fence wondering if you should come and do a course with me I advise you to get off that fence and come and join ASAP. As who knows what is going to happen down the track. And while I endevour to put more of my work on line there really is nothing like learning face to face. The January courses are presently all full (that could change) and there are spaces in the February and March courses. 

Cooking at Home with Veet 

Come cook with me. For those of you who can’t travel for obvious reasons or can’t take time off work to come and learn cooking in person the next best thing is ‘Cooking at Home with Veet.’ People already enrolled are enjoying it and producing some really delicious food. In wanting to make it available to everyone I have a discount code. The price of the course is valued at $295 and you can have the course for $189. Please share this code and link to course with all your friends.
Here is the code: 

Chef Training

One way or other we will be going ahead with the vegan chef training starting at the end of March and continuing until the 13th of June. The early bird price ends on the 31st January so if you are contemplating doing this course you may as well make the most of the early bird price. It is a priceless course. So many of the grad chefs have gone on to do big and bright things. 
Have a wonderful week everyone.
With gratitude Veet 


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