Turning your sushi roll into a salad ensuring you get a good dose of iodine

The last two days we have been preparing for the Three Day Vegan Foundation Cooking Course. It has been a lot of work and I have loved every minute of it as I am so ecstatic to be running these courses again. The last course was in March 2020 and it has been too long between drinks as they say. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Five participants are coming together and we are going to cook up some storms. The over 60 recipes we cover in these three days are not to be missed. The whole three days is a treat indeed. Can you tell I am super excited!!!!!!!! 
My message to those of you who would love to do this three day course is that there are still spots in the February and March courses and I really wouldn’t wait to book in as who knows what is in store for us as the autumn months roll in. Just book in, its time to grab the opportunity as who knows how long I will be able to keep offering face to face courses. I have a very generous payment plan so if it is money that is stopping you, drop me an email to discuss. 
I thought I would have to miss out on sending you a recipe this week due to being super busy but no I got it together at the 11th hour (full of idioms today aren’t I?).  
This week I decided to make a sushi salad. Yep that’s right it’s a sushi salad, all the things you put in a sushi but with lettuce in a bowl instead. The beauty of a sushi salad is you can put all the fillings in you like (when rolling sushi, space is limited but a salad bowl is not that limited for space). 
In addition sushi rolls and sushi salads are fabulous to add to your repertoire of meals as adding seaweed to your diet is one of the few ways a vegan can get iodine into their diet. Iodine is an essential mineral that we need for healthy thyroid function. Many people in the world are iodine deficient including half of the population in Australia and New Zealand.  Read more about Iodine requirements in food.
In Australia bread and salt are fortified with iodine which is of no use to me personally as I am not a fan of fortification and organic bread isn’t fortified. I also prefer to use Australian Evaporated Sea Salt that is also organic, so not fortified. So it is to seaweed I turn. My favourite being dulse flakes which I add to salads and steamed veg. Kombu (although hard to find) and wakame in soups and nori on anything quite frankly.
Hope you enjoy this sushi salad and I look forward to seeing your versions.


Sushi Salad

What I normally try to stuff into a sushi roll.
Whatever veg you like to put in a sushi and then cut them up in lengths how you would for sushi and then cut into a fine dice.  I used;
Spring onions
Red capsicum
Fried tempeh (or you can use tofu)
4 mushrooms sliced and fried 
¼ cup black, brown or sushi rice per person
1 tsp sesame seeds per person
1 serve Tashimi per 2 to 3 people 
Ingredients for Tashimi (tomato sashimi) 
2 medium tomatoes
3 big pinches dulse flakes 
1 tbsp tamari 
½ tsp very finely grated ginger
2 tsp coconut amino acids or 1 tsp maple syrup
2 tsp apple cider vinegar
For dressing 
Left over Tashimi marinade 
2 tsp toasted sesame oil 
1 tbsp lemon juice 
Reserved tomato seeds and pulp (optional) 


1. For the Tashimi, score the skin of the tomatoes and put in a bowl. Pour boiling water on the tomatoes and let them sit in the water until the skin splits. 
2. Peel the skin then cut the outside of the tomato away from the seeds in fat strips. Reserve the tomato seeds and pulp. 
3. Mix the rest of the Tashimi ingredients in a bowl and place the tomato strips in the marinade. Let them marinate until everything else is ready. 
4. Cut the nori roll into strips.
5. Assemble the salad with lettuce and all the toppings. Take the Tashimi out of the marinade and cut smaller and arrange on the salad. Mix the rest of the marinade with the other ingredients in a blender if using the tomato seeds and pulp. Otherwise just mix with a fork.
6. Add the nori and sesame seeds to the salad and serve with the dressing.
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Online Course

Have a great week everyone and remember if you can’t make a three day course there is the online course that people are really enjoying.

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With gratitude Veet


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