Frozen Fruit Ice cream (a healthy treat for summer)

Hello Everyone, hope you are all safe and well and those of you affected by bushfires, my prayers, thoughts and love are with you. 
This is my first blog post of 2020. It was lovely to have a few weeks break from sending out newsletters and I am so excited to be writing again. Someone asked me if I like doing my blog posts and my reply was “I love it, I love sharing recipes and I love writing. What I struggle with is getting photos that are good enough to attach to the blog posts. Photography is not one of my strong points. Anyway it is not stopping me. I have great plans for regular blog posts in 2020 with fantastic recipes.  So keep those requests coming in.
This week in my blog schedule is Seasonal Produce. Mango is the chosen fruit. Wow this year mango season has been reminiscent of my days growing up in the Northern Territory. Mangoes in abundance with organic mangoes costing as little as $2 apiece. Nice plump juicy mangoes. I personally like them before they get totally ripe, I like a little tart next to the sweetness of them. I had some very ripe ones so I froze the flesh to bring you this week’s recipe.
Mangoes are not only delicious but also sport a whole range of health benefits.  They contain lots of vitamins and minerals that are good for everyday health and wellbeing and are high in vitamin C and copper. It also contains lots of beta carotene which a lot of research says supports people with colon and skin cancers.  There is also ongoing research in how the galatannins in mangos may be able to slow down the advancement of breast cancer.
A few Vegan Foundation Cooking Courses ago one of the participants, Jean Yves requested a vegan ice cream and I did promise him a super easy ice cream recipe and here it is.
Maybe many of you already make this. It doesn’t need an ice cream maker and it doesn’t need any other ingredients other than fruit. You can add vanilla to it if you like. If you like the flavour of vanilla just add the seeds of a pod of vanilla to the fruit when freezing it.
The equipment that I like to use the best is my cold pressed juicer with the ice cream attachment. Methods for both juicer and blender are below.
In addition I have included a recipe for my all time favourite iced drink.  When I was growing up in Darwin we had the best weekly markets. There was a cool drink and ice cream stall that made everything with frozen fruit. Last week when I was making the ice cream for this week’s blog post I remembered what I used to order from there and it was a drink called an Octopus- I would indulge every week and I haven’t had one for 14 years.  It is frozen fruit ice cream with orange juice. 
Hope you enjoy both of below recipes.


Frozen Fruit Ice cream (a healthy treat for summer)

Frozen fruit, you can freeze the different types of fruit separately or mixed together 
Seeds of 1 pod vanilla (optional)
Fruits that freeze well
Passion fruit
Custard Apple
Ripe Jackfruit
Black Sapote


If using a cold pressed juicer. Use the ice cream and nut butter attachment with the nozzle that has the largest hole. Pass the frozen fruit through the juice and catch it in a serving bowl. Then serve. 
If using a blender add the fruit to the jug and blend until the fruit has softened. You can eat it like this or if it has gone too soft put it in the freezer for 10 minutes to firm up a little.
Note: To make the ice cream less healthy you can add grated vegan chocolate or melt some chocolate and swirl onto the ice cream.

Darwin ‘Octopus’ Frozen fruit drink

(Use any frozen fruit and be sure to include passion fruit and a tart fruit like raspberries) 
Juice of 1 to 2 oranges
Use either a cold press juicer or blender and make the fruit ice cream. Place in a glass and top up with freshly made orange juice.
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Veet's Vegan Cooking School News


Three Day Vegan Foundation Course

2020 has started off so well. The first Vegan Foundation Cooking course was run last Thursday to Saturday with full attendance. It was a fabulous three days and I get to do it all again with another group of people coming through next week.  There are plenty of opportunities to attend a Vegan Foundation Cooking Course in 2020. However don’t leave it too late to book as they are booking fast this year. There are so many people adopting a plant based and vegan diet and wanting to learn how to do it in a healthy and delicious way so the course is becoming even more popular.
The following places are available 
16th to 18th January     full 
13th to 15th February  1 place 
19th to 21st March      4 places 
2nd to 4th April            2 places 
4th to 6th June            6 places 
18th to 20th June        5 places 
13th to 15th August      4 places 
20th to 22nd August     4 places 
3rd to 5th September   6 places 
19th to 21st November 6 place 
Join one of these 3 Day Vegan Foundation Cooking Courses & download the application form

The Vegan Chef Training


If you are thinking about attending the Vegan Chef Training there are wonderful benefits in doing so.
> If doing it for home use you will have an incredible skill set and be able to prepare for any number of occasions in and around the home.
> Most people though who have attended the course for home use have actually ended up going on to create their own business in food.
> Creating your own business is a big bonus of doing the full Vegan Chef Training The course gives you the confidence and knowledge to get out there and create your own business.
> The training also gives you a good foot in the door of any prospective employment in the world of vegan cuisine. Literally everyone who has applied for a vegan chef position after completing the training has been given the job. 
Book in now to make the most of the early bird pricing.



Vegan Chef Training Early Bird Price

Until the 1st March there is an early bird price on the Vegan Chef Training.
In order to complete the Vegan Chef Training you need to first do the Three Day Vegan Foundation course. Then you can either take the full course modules 2 to 9 this year or break it up and do modules 2 to 5 this year and then 6 to 9 next year.
Module 2 to 5
Second Round Early Bird
$4662 if paid BEFORE the 1st March 2020 (saving $200)
Module 2 to 9 
Second Round Early Bird
$11,103.50 if paid BEFORE 1st March 2020 (save $1233)
I wish you all a wonderful year and I look forward to working with you in the kitchen some day soon.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions via email
Have a wonderful week everyone.
Love Veet


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