Confession Time

I’m confessing to you all! It’s big for me to admit what I am about to admit to you all. However I am placing all my cards on the table and without fear of judgment I want the world to know about what I am going to confess as it will really make my decision solid. 
I’m confessing about something that I did, something that I am now actually grateful for but at the time regretted. 
Who remembers I went on a road trip in December last year? Before I left I packed up a whole container full of healthy snacks, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, raw chocolate - all vegan and all 100% organic. I was all prepared for healthy snacks for each and every day of our five week road trip and guess what, I returned home with the whole box of those healthy snacks.
Not because I was super disciplined and only ate at meal times but because I indulged in potato chips. Yep you’ve read it right potato chips. They were vegan but definitely not organic and definitely not preservative free. 
At first as I indulged in them like a big kid getting exactly what I wanted a whole packet of potato chips to myself, I felt like I was in heaven.  Then with the next  packet I convinced myself that I was giving my inner child exactly what she needed. Then with the next few packets I felt guilty about eating so many potato chips. The next packet the anger came as Mak lovingly suggested I don’t eat an entire bag every day.
Next I tried to be good and attempted rationing myself, then I just gave up and pigged out again defiantly. The last step in this potato chip saga saw me completely sick of them, now to the point that if I even hear the rustle of a potato chip packet I feel nauseous. I also feel guilty about all those terrible plastic/foil packages that I have contributed to land fill. Wow it’s feeling like a massive confession. I hope you all still love me!
Despite the guilt of the plastic bag consumption and the extra weight around my waist and on my hips I am utterly grateful for this experience as I honestly don’t think I will ever eat a potato chip again. Non organic preservative-filled potato chips completely go against all that I believe in health wise but I have loved them ever since I was a child, and in the past would only ever indulge in a couple of handfuls or more but never an entire packet and never a packet two days in a row let along five weeks in a row. I think now my inner child is saying, “that’s enough we’ve done that one to death, we never need to go there again!” 
Just when I thought the worst was over I have yet another stage to this confession of mine. Two Friday’s ago I was on a mission of self-destruction. On the way to work with a van laden full of 100% organic goodness I stopped off at the local lolly shop (sweetshop – for UK readers and Candy for North American and Canadian readers) and bought myself $7 worth of lollies and licorice, some were organic, all were vegan, at least they were in a paper bag I thought to myself, this was all ok. I had convinced myself I deserved this treat.
In the forty minutes it took me to drive to work I greedily gobbled up every single one of those sugar laden lollies, even when half way through my belly began to cramp I kept shoving them into my mouth. Lollies and licorice have been one of the biggest contradictions to my healthy lifestyle. For years I didn’t go anywhere near them as I couldn’t really find vegetarian lollies let alone vegan ones. Then a year and a half ago I discovered our local chocolate shop stocked a massive variety of vegan lollies. So in those 18 months I would occasionally find myself in there buying $2 worth of lollies (mostly the organic ones) but after I had eaten them I always felt guilty and sick which would help me stay away for another couple of months.
This last stint of shoving lollies into my mouth has put me off for life I think. If anyone is interested I’ll let you know how it goes because those close to me don’t believe I have kicked this naughty secret of mine. I could have a relapse but for now I can’t see that ever happening. 
Feels like doing this crazy binge in excess has tipped me over the edge of never wanting to go near the things that I thought I loved but always felt guilty about eating.
As I get ready for my trip to India this year there is no potato chip packet or lolly in sight.
I’m sharing with you this week what snacks I have packed for my 14 hour flight to mother land India.
If you have any snack ideas for me to share with others please let us know on the Facebook group Healthy Vegan Food With Veet

My Airplane snacks

1. Pepitas heated in a dry frying pan until they pop
2. Fresh mandarins
3. Dried pineapple.
4. Crackers and avocado
5. Love loco chocolate
6. Dried Inca berries, currants and macadamias

What’s Happening While I am Away

Have a great 4 weeks everyone. I am madly attempting to get a blog post to Mel The Amazing to publish for the weeks I am away but lets see how well I go.
I will still be taking bookings for my courses while I am away so keep those application forms coming in. I can’t wait to work with you in the kitchen.
Much love and hope you enjoy the recipes arriving in the upcoming weeks.



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