Vegetarian Cooking Classes and Green Smoothie Recipe

I am delighted to let you know that I will be having a raw food preparation class in the Byron Bay shire on the 22nd September.  So far I have conducted many cooking classes but they have been away from home.  This is the first in the Byron Bay area, where I live and I am excited.

This class will be very small in size so there are only a few spaces left.  The raw food preparation class will introduce you to some very simple, yet delicious ways of preparing raw food with the minimum of fuss. It is a class for those who would like to incorporate more raw food into their diets or look at fun and delicious ways of eating healthily using raw fruits, vegetables and super foods.

A few weekends ago I had a cooking class on the Sunshine Coast and I absolutely loved combining my passion and delight for food with the skills I gained as a teacher. I feel the participants in this class not only gained a lot of new ideas on how to prepare food, making it absolutely delicious but they also had fun doing so. My cooking and raw food classes are always dynamic and fun and have as much hands on activity as you wish to be involved in.

The raw food preparation class will be held from 8:45 am to 2 pm on Sunday the 22nd September in the Byron Bay shire and will cost $125 per person. This will include all of the food used, morning tea, lunch and a copy of Veet’s Cuisine Fresh and vibrant cookbook as well as any additional recipes we may cover and a comprehensive vegetarian protein guide.

If you are interested in securing a space in this workshop please contact me via email or use the contact form on the website or call 0403800809.

If you can’t make this workshop and would like to organise a workshop of your own it is very easy to do so. All you need to do is gather friends who would also like to join in a class and then we can look at scheduling a day. I am very happy to travel to you and we can use your kitchen or you can come to the Byron shire and have a class down my way. Classes in the Byron Shire are $125 per person and out of the Byron Shire $150 per person. You can check out all the different cooking classes I have available under the cooking class section of this website.

And until the class on 22nd of September or until you have chance to buy a copy of Fresh and Vibrant I would like to share a raw food recipe with you, it is what I have for breakfast each day at the moment.  Normally I can't drink it all in one sitting so take it with me to where ever I am going and finish it off for morning tea.  It’s got plenty of protein, packed with potassium and spirulina is a great source of iron, adding the strawberries helps with the absorption of the iron- and if strawberries are hard to come by you can use blueberries, passion fruit or the juice of half a lime.

Green Smoothie of the Season

Try to get organic everything if you can and failing that spray free and failing that just make sure it is local.

¼ cup cashews

1 handful of watercress (or you could use rocket or kale)

1 banana

3 strawberries

1 tsp spirulina powder

1 to 2 cups water- or almond milk or coconut water depending on how thick you like your smoothie.

Roughly chop the watercress and pop into the blender along with the cashews.  Give it a good whizz then add the banana and strawberry.  Blend  again and when all mashed up add the water, almond milk or coconut water and spirulina, process for a further half minute and there you have it.

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