Celebrating Turning Fifty with all my Favourite Recipes

As I write this blog post it is one week before it will go to publication. I am writing early as I will be away next week when you receive this newsletter. In the newsletter plan it is the request week and this week I am not sending you a new recipe but answering a request that I often get. What are your favourite things to cook Veet? 
I’m choosing to answer this publicly as it feels very apt to do so as I will be away celebrating my fiftieth birthday.  I am beyond excited to be turning fifty and so happy to be celebrating with my beloved on a holiday in New Zealand. My parents sent me an early card and gift and asked me to open it prior to leaving and this is one beautiful thing that my dad and mum wrote in my card; 
A lot happened in 1969. Sesame Street was first broadcast on TV. Man stepped on the moon for the very first time. The Carpenters made hit after hit and then on the day you were born ‘the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true, they sprinkled moon dust on your hair of gold and star light in your eyes of blue.’ And so Veet our beautiful daughter was born.
What beautiful words to read from my dad and mum. No wonder I love the Carpenter’s music and I feel like it is true, angels did sprinkle moon dust on my hair and starlight in my eyes as I so far have had a very blessed life. I was born to parents who loved me, I was gifted with a fabulous younger brother and had an extended family I adored. I met my bestie when I was eleven and still have her as my friend today (Ms. Penny Curtis) I have her family as my family. I remain friends with my University friends, Lisa, Pandora and Claire who I studied with almost three decades ago. I have a beloved partner of eighteen years, Makrand.  I have so many beautiful friends including my vegan friend Jyoti who I don’t know what I would do without. I constantly meet incredible people through the courses I facilitate and I have a spiritual path with daily meditation.
In addition I live an ethical life and am a very happy vegan, knowing that I am making a difference in the world. Of course over the fifty years not everything has been rosy all the time but I do feel like I have been gifted a very blessed life and I am all prepared to keep on living this way for the next 58 years. I am excited. I am also grateful that you all are subscribed to my weekly blogs to keep me writing and sharing recipes.
So this week in dedication to my first 50 years I will make this blog post about me and share links to all my favourite blog post recipes. I will mark next to them the ones that I think will be super for you to make for Christmas.


Green Papaya Salad 

(Great for Christmas Lunch) 

Sprouted Green Eggs

(Great for Christmas breakfast) 


Crispy Oven Potatoes 

(Great for Christmas)

Spiced Chickpeas 

(Great for Christmas snacks) 


Tempeh Salad


Spaghetti Carbanara

(Could be good for Christmas as spaghetti is good for any time) 
# If you make this recipe please share on facebook or instagram to #veetsvegancookingschool

Why participate in a Cooking Course with Veet (me)?

This is a bit of self promotion here and as I am fifty I think it is ok to blow my own trumpet. I feel the three day courses and the full chef training and all the other vegan cooking courses I run are super special.
The reasons why I feel this is 
All Courses are Well Planned.
I have thought about everything I teach and as every good schoolteacher does (I am primary school trained) I evaluate every little bit of facilitation I do each and every time.
I am a Trained Teacher.
This is so important for me when I attend courses myself. If the facilitator is a trained teacher it is very obvious to see. They tend to know how to hold the group together and can keep everyone learning in their own style.
Catering for Individual Dietary Requirements and Learning Styles. 
Catering for the individual is a big part of what I learned as a schoolteacher so I feel I can accommodate every dietary requirement that anyone has (as long as it’s vegan). As well as being able to work out which way is best for each individual to learn.
I am Vegan. 
I feel this is super important’ that the facilitator be vegan when choosing a vegan cooking course to attend. This year I attended three vegan cooking courses and all of the courses were taught by non vegans. It was noticeable and at times discouraging when the facilitator said things like ‘I’m a Flexitarian, being vegan is too limiting.’  I wondered why they were teaching a vegan class then. 
Forever Learning.
I continue to learn something new about vegan food and vegan nutrition if not every day then every couple of days. I like to keep things flowing and learning so I have more and more to offer to people booking into the courses I facilitate.
Organic Produce is the only produce used. 
Veet’s Vegan Cooking School courses are the only vegan cooking courses worldwide that use 100% organic food and produce.  I am as committed to organic as I am to vegan food.
I can’t wait until you join me on an upcoming course.
Have a great week everyone
Love Veet 

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