A Christmas Idea The Whole Family Will Love 

Is Christmas time an easy time for you or one fraught with all sorts of emotions. As a child I loved the build up to christmas but always noticed my dad had to work pretty hard during that time and the absence of our extended family was very felt. Missing all our relatives on christmas day reminiscing of how it used to be. Fortunately for us though my mum would always invite someone over on boxing day and I would be happy that there were more people around enjoying the food we had created.

These days I am more often than not working over christmas which I love and when I do get to chill with friends it is delicious food I want to share with them that makes me the most happy. Over the next week or so I will send you recipes that your whole family will be able to eat. Creating delicious vegan and gluten free recipes covers most people's dietary requirements. I have lots of ideas that will make christmas and festive times more delicious. These recipes are also very easy to make. I don't yet have photos for each dish so will send you photos and recipes in the upcoming days and week or so as I make the dishes.

Please let me know which ones you choose to make and do share these blogs with all your friends. This first recipe could be eaten as a pre lunch snack or even served up with breakfast. You can also use sweet potato or any left over baked potatoes. If you can't find Brazilian cherries then use the regular cherries or another red fruit and even blueberries if that is all you can find.

Potato Patties with Sweet Brazilian Cherry Sauce

Potato patties


1 kg potatoes pealed and cut into large chunks

2 garlic clove (optional)

2 x small red chillies finely chopped

2 stalks of fresh pepper balls

1 x whole nutmeg ground

4 tbsp spoon of fresh coriander

4 tbsp spoon of lemon juice

4 tbsp spoon of besan (chickpea flour)

sunflower oil to shallow fry

fresh coriander to garnish

Spinach or rocket leaves for garnishing

Sweet Brazilian cherry sauce


200 g of cherries pitted

2 tbsp spoon of boiling water

2 tbsp spoon of agave

1 teaspoon of finely grated ginger

1 teaspoon of ground cumin

To serve - handful of baby spinach leaves

Potato cakes


Chopped the potatoes into 2 cm chunks. Put in potatoes into water and bring to boil.

Add salt 10 mins into boil. Remove once potatoes are soft. Set aside to cool. Mix all the ingredients into a large bowl.

With hands massage flavours into potatoes. With sunflower oil in hands, roll potatoes into balls and set aside to fry. In a hot pan with sunflower flatten and fry for 15-20mins each side. Once cooked place on baking paper to keep crisp or if have the time place in a warm oven until ready to serve.

Cherry Sauce


Put the cherries into a small saucepan and cover with water. Bring to boil and simmer lightly. Stir in the agave, ginger and cumin. Taste and adjust to meet your flavour requirements. Remove from stove and let cool. Once cooled, blend the cherries into a sauce.    

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