December Give Aways and Festive Recipes

Well I missed a week of blog writing. I always feel like I let myself and you all down when I do that and then I wonder if any of you actually noticed and how many of you actually care if a recipe comes your way or not. I have relaxed somewhat and stopped giving myself a hard time for missing a week as during the month of December I will be giving you loads of free festive recipes for you to try out at Christmas, New Year or any other festive occasion.

Today marks the 1st Day of December so I will be giving you a delightful recipe which many already have tried (on recent retreats) and will love to make for loved ones over the festive season.

For the whole month of December I am also giving away my raw cookbook ' Fresh and Vibrant when you buy two copies of 'Veet's Cuisine Delicious Vegetarian Recipes' cook book- these make wonderful presents for this time of the year or to have in your present drawer for birthdays to come. One beautiful soul just ordered a book for a wedding they are attending in Italy. Feeling dead chuffed that another of my books is on its way to Italy. So just to be clear and now sounding like one of those tv commercials

That's right if you purchase two copies of Veet's Cuisine's delicious Vegetarian Recipes you will receive one of her raw cook books Fresh and Vibrant free.

With love to you, all have fun trying this delicious recipe and watch out for loads of recipes during the month of December and please leave a comment on the blog even if it is just a kiss as I would love to know how many people actually read these blog posts.

Nut thyme and sage filled mushrooms

These can be a side dish or you can use bigger mushrooms and make them the main part of the meal. I have only ever made them as a side dish. Serve them with the macadamia pesto pasta bake and ricotta filled zucchinis and lots of salads for a banquet meal on special occasions or offer them as canape at nibbles and drinks events. If you can eat dairy or are on the ketogenics diet you can place slices of parmesan or cheddar on each mushroom before baking. I however prefer the vegan option.

12 medium sized mushrooms stalks removed and kept aside

1 cup nuts of your choice- i used Brazil nuts and pecans today- but usually use pecans and macadamias (as they are grown locally)

2 sprigs thyme chopped very finely

4 sage leaves chopped very finely

1/2 very small Spanish onion diced fine and sauteed in olive oil for just a few minutes

big splash of gluten free tamari

juice of 1/2 to 1 lime

parsley finely chopped (to garnish)

In a food processor place the nuts and mushroom stalks. Process until quite fine. Place in a mixing bowl and add all of the other ingredients (except the mushroom caps and parsley) and mix together. Check for salt (you shouldn't need any but you never know). Divide the mixture into the mushroom cups. Pat in firmly (as the filling can fall off the mushroom if you don't). Bake in a moderate oven for 20 minutes or until mushrooms are cooked. Place on a platter and scatter on the finely chopped parsley.

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