Life often presents challenges and in the end it always becomes something positive. The last retreat I catered on there was someone who was allergic to a lot of nuts. Not just allergic but anaphylactic allergic so I was on super alert for cross contamination.

I realised that a few of my dishes were all the more special due to using cashews in them and wanted to find a way to replicate these for this lovely retreat guest.

The answer came in the form of sunflower seeds. Yahoo! The thing is which I am so astounded by is that I like these recipes all the better with sunflower seeds. Which is brilliant as sunflower seeds are more alkalizing than cashews, not as sweet and are a third of the price, even when purchasing organic ones.

So it is in the next three weeks I will present you with some very delicious recipes for you to try out using sunflower seeds. Part one is a sunflower seed  sour cream to accompany Mexican feasts, soups and lasagnas and a sweet sunflower sauce or icing to go on cakes or accompany sweet treats.

Sunflower sour cream

¾ cup sunflower seeds
1/4 to ½ cup water
2 tsp to 4 tsp vinegar
salt to taste
2 tbsp olive oil

Put everything in the blender and blend until smooth. Sunflower seeds end up making a thicker sauce than cashews so you may want to thin it all the more with a bit more water and then add salt for taste.

Sunflower icing or cream

¾ cup sunflower seeds
¼ to ½ cup water
2 tbsp of maple syrup or more depending on your sweet tooth.
Add everything to the blender and blend until smooth.

3 Days In My Kitchen

What are you doing in October? Why not come and spend three days with me, in my kitchen and learn the tricks of the trade so to speak. Three days of learning delicious vegan recipes and how to make vegan food nutritionally sound. Meet others and visit our wonderful farmers market learning how to change recipes to suit what is in season. Four places are available for the October 19th to 21st retreat. Bring a friend along if you want and have some fun. Fill out the application form and apply today. Go on take the jump.

Have a great week everyone and please send this blog to anyone you know is nut allergic or insensitive.

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