No resolutions for me, only celebrations (mocktails to celebrate every day of the year)

How is the new year shaping up for you five days in? For me lots of relaxation and fun with my parents, what a great start.
Many ask me what resolutions I have made for 2017 and the answer is none. I follow Osho’s words on making resolutions.
‘So let one resolution be there: I will never make and resolutions. Drop all resolutions! Let life be a natural spontaneity. The only golden rule is that there are no golden rules.
Osho - Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind
So instead of resolutions each year I choose to celebrate. Celebrate the new year, celebrate the day, each and everyday. I have some great things to celebrate this year which I look forward to, but rather than loosing the moment now thinking just about those things in the future I celebrate now as I work each day towards them.

The things I have to celebrate is my wonderful good health, the time I am now spending in Perth with my family, the many retreats I am catering on this year and the facilitating of two Vegan Chef and Lifestyle Trainings. I am so excited to be meeting and training these incredible people that have decided to take the leap and enjoy 30 full days of cooking and creating and learning. In my personal life I celebrate the fact that I will have more time to spend with my partner and I celebrate that I will be attending a weekly class on learning sign language.
I would love to hear what you are celebrating today and this year. Please share in either an email to me or on my facebook page.
As every day is a celebration I don’t think it is too late to share the recipes for the mocktails I made on new years eve. These are drinks good to go for any time of the day or night and any time of the year. Even make them to celebrate just being alive.
Happy 2017 everyone, I wish you the most celebratory year to date.  Huge love and hope you keep on enjoying these weekly recipes.


These mocktails were inspired by ideas Melissa, Lilli, Ayesha and Nicole left on my facebook post last year.

Hibiscus Kambucha and Strawberry

250 ml Forrest Organics hibiscus and Elderflower kambucha
4 strawberries
juice ½ lime
250 ml soda water

Place the kambucha and strawberries in a blender, blitz until all mixed together. Pour in cocktail shaker or straight in a glass and top with soda water.  


½ cup frozen berries
juice ½ lime
200 ml pomegranate juice
½ cup filtered water

Place every thing in a blender and blitz. This comes out like a frappe.

Liver Loves It

1 tsp grated ginger
½ lime cut in 8ths
250 ml Forrest Organic turmeric and ginger kambucha
250 ml soda water
juice 1 lime
sprig of mint

You can squeeze the grated ginger and use the juice or you can put the grated ginger straight in the cocktail shaker or glass.  Add the kambucha, lime and soda water and shake or mix. Use the mint to garnish the glass or slip straight in the drink.

Join the May or August Foundation course

The Vegan Chef and lifestyle Training starting in April is full.  Another training will commence in September. To start you can join the May or August Foundation course.  I will be announcing the dates for the new training by the end of January. If you want a sneak preview of the dates email me and I will share them
I look forward to sharing so many delicious recipes with you this year, once again if you have anything in particular you want me to focus on do let me know.
With gratitude and happy celebrating in 2017
Love Veet


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