Never Go Hungry Again (Ideas for when you travel)

Sitting at Sydney airport with a rumble in my belly I am prompted to write this blog. It is not often I leave home without my packed lunch, breakfast, dinner or snack.

However this time I have done the unthinkable and I am hungry!!  As I cast my minds eye over the organic watermelon, apples, pears, oranges, hemp seeds and home made hummus that I left in my brothers fridge I realise what a feast I would have had if I'd just spent ten minutes packing it all up for my journey.

As it is probably the case for many of you these days, leaving home without packed food equals going hungry.  At least my flight and layover this time is only five hours in total so I am actually going to survive with a hungry belly.

Not only do I need to find food that is gluten free and vegan (as I wont eat non organic dairy and don't eat eggs) but it also needs to be palm oil free making eating at airports an impossibility. Every take out and cafe and restaurant in Sydney airport uses palm oil. Believe me I've asked them all as do they use caged eggs.

In the long term if you keep asking these outlets they will eventually change but that change will be slow. Even on International flights I usually take my own food as they definitely have nothing ethical and when I list my dietary restrictions I usually end up with some raw carrot and zucchini sticks which of course are far from organic. In addition I can't abide the wastage on flights - imagine how much plastic just one single person produces on a 12 hour flight.

So the real solution to all of this is to never leave home without your own food and in this blog I hope to provide you with some great suggestions that will inspire you to pack your own meal next time you travel. For years I have taken on my handbag, hand luggage bag and lunch bag as my carry on baggage- they never ever ask why I have 3 bags and if they ever do, I look forward to my reply of not being able to eat the food served to me on planes.

Here are some food tips for traveling;

  • Take your own portable tea cup with a lid and your own organic tea bags
  • Pack foods like steamed veg and hardy salads for long flights. Check out as they have some great storage ideas for salads. They suggest storing salad in a glass jar but I put mine in a plastic jar and it worked well. The dressing didn't leak. Also potato salad and millet salads work well. Place the dressing at the bottom of the jar then add the hard veg, protein, grain, fruits including avocado then lettuce and sprouts.
  • Take protein in the form of nuts and hemp seeds, cooked tempeh or home made burgers or make protein or bliss balls
  • Take fresh and dried fruit.
  • Pack an organic sandwich or a sushi.
  • Some organic crackers and pack a home made organic dip.
  • Pack up a smoothie in an air tight container.
  • Make a vegan frittata.
  • In regards to water even on International flights I take my filter water bottle and carry it through security empty and then fill it up, that way i can enjoy filter water all flight and not worry about the huge plastic wastage.
  • A few extra things I take with me is spirulina powder if I am starting to feel a bit run down I put 1 tsp in water and drink it. I also drink lots of rosehip tea during the flight as rosehip is packed with vitamin C and is great for building the immune system.
  • When i travelled to India this year I took a salad for the first leg of the plane trip then steamed veg for the second half, that accompanied by activated nuts and fresh fruit did the trick. People said they wished they had packed their own when they saw my feast.



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