Module two of the vegan chef and lifestyle training for 2018 is now complete. I didn’t want it to end as the creativity and the freshness of the food that was produced in three days was mind blowing. This was the fifth time module two, raw cuisine has run and I loved every minute of it. The students were so committed to making fabulous tasting food and were so happy to be experimenting with different flavours. 
I was very impressed with their pizza toppings. In module two we learn how to make and dehydrate raw pizza then the group splits into five groups and gets a limited amount of fresh produce and some sauces we have made in the days before and create a different pizza topping.
All five pizza toppings were so sensational that I really thought I need to share them with you all. You could easily put these toppings on a cooked pizza base if you prefer or on a pitta or flat bread.
I don’t have quantities but the ideas of what they did to share with you. This way you can let your own taste buds dictate the quantities of things.
If you try out these recipes please do share your photos to instagram and facebook and tag me #veetsvegancookingschool
Thanks everyone in module two for these great ideas that I can now share with so many.

Pizza Toppings 

To make the pizza toppings you can be as creative as you like, the order of ingredients in each pizza is pretty much the order of how you would layer the pizza.

Mexican Fiesta 

Mexican Fiesta Pizza
Spicy tomato sauce (blend two tomatoes with 4 sundried tomatoes (the ones from the health food shop that are still dry and haven’t been marinated) with 1 to 2 chillies and salt to taste
1 avocado cubed
½ pineapple cubed
1 tomato finely diced

Goldie’s Delight

Goldie's Delight
Spicy tomato sauce (see Mexican Fiesta for the recipe)
¼ fennel sliced thinly
1 carrot grated or julienned
2 radishes sliced thin
¼ red cabbage shredded fine 
Cashew cheese flavoured with turmeric and home made curry powder 
For the cashew cheese recipe - make this without the dill and thin with water

Green Lantern

Pesto (in a food processor place ½ cup sunflower seeds and 1 cup of rocket or basil, some salt, a squeeze of lemon and salt to taste, process until the consistency you like in a pesto)
Half an avocado mashed with lemon and salt 
Handful green beans very finely cut 
1 cucumber diced 

Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushroom Pizza
Dill cheese
Dried or steamed zucchini
A few large raw mushrooms sliced marinated in a big splash of tamari and a small splash of maple 
Hemp seeds
Radish sprouts
Lemon zest

Mediterranean Delight 

Tomato sauce with olives (as for the Mexican Fiesta, omit the chilli and add ¼ cup olives and no salt blend in a blender)
Raw or cooked mushrooms
Cashew cheese with basil instead of dill
Fresh basil 
½ tbsp capers 
Tomato slices for decoration

Come and be part of the Vegan Cooking Revolution

In case you missed the blog post a few weeks back all dates are out for the Vegan Foundation Course and I am taking applications. We only have four places left in the August course and then it doesn’t run until October. Would love to have you along for the journey. 
Last week I received two emails with some lovely feedback from the foundation course.

A letter from Louise

“I really enjoyed your course and found it very valuable in many ways. It was nice to meet other people interested in vegan cooking and expand my cooking skills. I feel that my family’s diet is now more varied and nutritious than before. I might even start some little business with my daughter in vegan cakes !!” Louise

A mini interview with Jen

1. What did you get out of the three days of the foundation course? Is there anything that stands out in particular?
I felt inspired - you made things seem less complicated and I feel like I will be able to continue to increase my skills to cook and eat a healthy and varied plant based diet.
2.  What did you think of Veet's Facilitating during the foundation module?
Excellent - Veet is passionate about what she does and is an inspiration for cooking with love and eating a good, wholesome plant based diet.  
3.  Have you taken anything away from the three days that you are already implementing in your everyday life?
Yes - to cook with love, take the time to prepare and eat fresh and organic plant based foods.
4. Is there anything else you would like to further learn?
Yes - this is the start of my journey. I have neglected my cooking skills in my life so far, having spent much of my life working too hard.  I am now redressing this balance in semi-retirement, living on a hobby farm growing my own vegetables and I hope to be able to complete further modules in future.  
5. Was there anything that stood out to you that you did not know about but now do since doing the foundation course?
I felt that I learnt many things - both big and small - from little cooking/food tips to great recipes.  
6. Was there anything you didn't like about the course?
The course was great and I had no complaints.
PS: and most importantly the really good photos in this blog are taken by Emma Hasler who is attending the full Vegan Chef and Lifestyle Training.
With Love,

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