As part of the three-day vegan foundation course you get to work with a partner and create a signature dish. Each foundation course there are fabulous recipes. In the October foundation course there were three signature dishes made. The ravioli I shared with you last week, a Pad Thai recipe and a Green Curry. I shared all three photos of these signature dishes on social media and plenty of people asked for all three recipes so here is the Pad Thai recipe and in a few week’s time I will share the Green Curry recipe too.

Thank you to Dervla and Paula for creating this wonderful dish. I have added a few extra veggies to the dish. You are welcome to put whatever veggies in you wish but like Dervla mentioned you really do need to have carrot in Pad Thai.
Be sure to make this recipe as it is delicious, take a photo and tag me on social media #veetsvegancookingschool as I love to see your creations.

Gluten Free Pad Thai

400g firm tofu (100g crumbled and 300g cut into cubes)
Bunch spring onion finely chopped
2 cloves garlic minced
2 carrots peeled then with a peeler cut into ribbons
1 small zucchini spiralised
1 small red capsicum sliced into fine strips
Handful coriander well washed
1 lime plus some for presentation
1 tbsp coconut sugar (or you can use date paste or rice malt syrup)
2 tbsp rice vinegar
1 packet gluten free Pad Thai noodles
3 tbsp tamarind paste
1 cup pecans toasted
3 cups sprouts 
Pinch chilli flakes
1 small chilli for garnish
Sesame or avocado oil for frying
Salt and white pepper to taste
To make the sauce combine the sugar, rice vinegar, tamarind and lime juice.
Cook the noodles to the packet instructions. Once cooked rinse with filtered water and set aside.
Fry the cube tofu until golden brown and crispy. Set aside.
Cook the spring onions with a pinch of salt and pepper in a wok and fry until translucent then add the garlic and cook for a minute.
Next add the red capsicum and cook for a minute then add the carrot, chilli flakes and crumbled tofu cook for a few minutes then add the zucchini.
Add the drained noodles and mix a little then push it all to one side of the wok and add the sauce and cook until it bubbles.
Mix well and add ½ cup of the pecans, half of the coriander and ½ of the sprouts.
Add the crispy tofu and stir. 
Serve the pad Thai and garnish with the rest of the sprouts, coriander and chilli.

November Foundation Courses

The November Foundation courses are slow to book (everyone I speak to has slow bookings at the moment) so I am not certain if I will run the late November foundation course, however there is one keen person booked into that course so I am still hopeful.  The 8th to 10th of November will definitely go ahead. If you are sitting on the fence about whether you want to do it you may want to take the jump as this could be the last one for 2018. Usually the classes fill up with eight participants but the last one only had five and while the larger class of eight is always a lot of fun it was very luxurious to only have five people in the class. I have a feeling (but can’t guarantee) that the November 8th to 10th course may be just five or six people so it could be a wonderful one to join.
Come along and invest in a course that is not just for three days but will set you up with a lifetime of really good ideas and ways to cook vegan food at home. Also don’t forget the vegan foundation course is the place you need to start if you want to continue on to the full vegan chef course so it could be a good time to come and see if this is something you would like to do.
Have a great week everyone.
Happy cooking.
Love Veet 


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