Last Saturday's Seasonal Cooking Class was a delightful experience.  I love the enthusiasm of people who come together to learn more about vegetarian cooking.  I also enjoyed showing people how to include more iron and protein in their diets.   This class was different for me in the way I planned it.  Usually I plan what I want to include in the class and then go out and purchase all that is needed to make the recipes.  This time I went straight to the farmers market with no list at all and just purchased fruit, vegetables and other wonderful produce, took it home and then planned what we would cook.  If I had the time I would dedicate every weekend to cooking classes as I really love the interactions with all who attend and I love to share the wealth of knowledge I have gained over the years of staying healthy as a vegetarian.

Unfortunately I have to cancel the class that was planned for the 8th of March as I have just been booked for a last minute retreat.  So in replacement of that class I have decided to hold another class in two short weeks, which is the 1st of February.  This will be the last class until the beginning of May.  The details for the class are below and below that are a few iron rich snack ideas.

Fresh and Vibrant Food Preparation Class

Held in the Byron Bay area

Saturday 1st February

9:45 am to 3 pm

In this class we will create simple mostly raw food recipes that will impress your friends and family when you next cook. Recipes that will want you to eat healthy all the time. Recipes where the minimum of equipment is needed. Vibrant raw food that makes you feel fresh and healthy. We will make snacks, soups, desserts, salads, main dishes, nut cheeses and spreads.  The recipes will maximise seasonal produce and many will come from my latest book  ‘Fresh and Vibrant’. All recipes will be gluten-free and vegan. We will look at how to include more vegetarian protein into your diet and look at iron rich foods and meals. The cost of the class will be $135 and as a new year's special I will include both of my books.  The class includes both books, lunch, morning tea, all produce and if we haven't gobbled everything up at lunch time, food to take home after the class.

To book your place in the class please email me at or call 0403 800 809.  There are only seven spots in the class.

Iron rich snacks

mix pepitas, walnuts, raisins and prunes

Mung bean and leafy greens slice

1 cup cooked mung beans, mixed with 1 tbsp of besan flour, 2 eggs, salt and pepoer to taste and 4 cups of slighlty cooked leafy greens.  Place in  baking dish and bake for 30 to 45 minutes.  let cook and cut into snack size pieces.

Spirulina balls

recipe in Fresh and Vibrant cook book

Raw cacao balls

recipe in both books -instead of orange zest add 2 tablespoons of tahini


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