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Clean sparkling drinkable water is very much on my mind at the moment, as it is for many in the Byron Bay Shire, where we live.  A one hour drive away from where I live is a town called Bentley and in that town there is a proposed coal seam gas mining site. Just this morning three thousand people including myself held vigil at 5 am in a gathering of peaceful protection of our land and water. Up to 98 % of the people in the area do not want coal seam gas mining to take place however, the mining company are still trying to push through with it.

If this mining goes ahead the company plans to sink between ninety and one thousand drills into the surrounding land turning our whole area into an industrial wasteland and most frighteningly we will not have clean water to drink.  Due to the huge number of people turning out in peaceful protest each and every day, calling ourselves the protectors of the land we may very well stop the mining from happening. However it very much looks like a long road ahead and on some of my days off I am helping out there volunteering in the camp kitchen and keeping vigil on the gates.  Countless numbers of people in the area are supporting by either living at the camp or visiting in any spare time they have, donating money and holding fund raisers. The positive aspect that has come out of a very emotional and distressing situation is the coming together of an incredible community. I cannot be long on the site or at camp without bursting into tears of overwhelming joy at the incredible nature of the human race when we come together in harmony in order to protect out environment.

Each and every mouthful of water I drink these days feels very precious. I love water and need to drink it in copious amounts especially when working in a hot kitchen. Early last year I was told that if something is added to a glass of  water the body is able to absorb it better. So by adding a slice of lime, cucumber, ginger or lemon to your glass of water you would find your body absorbing it better.  It does work, I can drink glass after glass this way without having to take toilet breaks.  I do not remember why this is the case and cannot find information on it, but try it out for yourselves and the worst case scenario is that you just get to enjoy a delicious glass of flavoured water. Below is a list of things I love to add to water depending on how I feel.



lime and mint

lime, mint and ginger (my favourite)

cucumber slices on a very hot day

parsley- this is very cleansing


or you can make an electrolyte drink - I have a recipe in one of my previous blog posts.


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