There are so many vegan dishes to cook for Christmas. Where to start?

Looking back through my blogs I have so many recipes from over the years that are great for Christmas feasting, so I am re-sharing them all with you now.



Greek Potatoes

Without a doubt the Greek Potatoes will be on our table whether we decide to celebrate Christmas or not. The nut roast and a few other great recipes can be found by clicking on the Greek Potato link too.


Potato Patties

For snacks these Potato Patties are also a must.



Pasta salads are always a treat


Summer Watermelon Quinoa Salad

For a healthy Christmas treat this salad is very festive and incredibly tasty.
Summer Watermelon Quinoa Salad


Mediterranean caprese salad

Another idea is the Mediterranean caprese salad




Christmas cake

In the desserts department its not too late to make your Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake


Passionfruit Cheesecake

The Passionfruit Cheesecake

Passionfruit Cheesecake


Hazel Bombs

And lets not forget the Hazel Bombs

Hazel Bombs


Last Blog Post for the year

This is my last blog post for 2018. I want to thank you all for being subscribers to The Healthy Vegan and taking time to read the blogs, try out the recipes and send me emails. I absolutely love writing weekly blogs so am very grateful that I have an audience to receive these blogs and recipes. Keep any ideas coming my way in 2019; if you want me to develop any particular recipe please let me know.
Have a wonderful time over the festive (or for some not so festive) season and I will be back with my next blog on the 3rd January.
Huge Love Veet


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