Last weekend was module three of The Vegan Chef and Lifestyle Training which was the Ayurvedic style of cooking and eating.
During the first day we learned many traditional recipes from the wonderful Jacinta McEwan of Mullum Herbals. Amongst the recipes was my all time favourite pancakes. I have had these served up to me many a time at an afternoon tea when in India. I cooked them last night for Makrand and he informed me they were 'absolutely super yummy'.

Serve them as part of an Indian dinner or as a snack. Pack them in your tin and take them to work and impress your colleagues.

You can use mung beans or preferably the split mung beans called moong dhal. Be sure to source organic moong dhal or mung beans. In the world of Ayurveda you would fry in ghee or  olive oil but I prefer to fry in good quality organic Aussie sunflower oil. Serve with a sauce of some kind- there are three below or you can make the date and coconut chutney from Veet's Cuisine Delicious Vegetarian Recipes.

Happy pancake eating everyone.

Best ever savoury pancakes

2 cups moong dhal soaked for at least 4 hours in filtered water

1 tsp cumin seeds

salt to taste (a few pinches to 1/2 tsp is good)

Sauce 1

1 cup coriander leaves chopped finely

2 tbsp desiccated coconut soaked in 2tsp of filtered water

squeeze of lime juice

pnch of salt

Sauce 2

The above ingredients for sauce 1 plus 3 tsp tahini

Sauce 3

2 tbsp tahini

2 tbsp filtered water

squeeze of lemon

1/2 tsp ground cumin

For the sauces mix everything together. Drain and rinse the moong dhal that has been soaking in water. Place the drained moong dhal in a high speed blender and process until it forms a paste. Grind the cumin and add to the moong dhal batter. Add salt and mix. Heat some oil in a frying pan and place a few spoons of the mixture in the middle of the frying pan and with the back of a spoon flatten the mixture out from the centre to the edges to make a pancake shape. leave for a few minutes to brown on one side then flip. If it sticks to the pan add a little more oil and just wait until it unsticks a little. It is cooked when nice and brown and crisp on the outside. if you are uncertain if it is cooked in the middle press down with your spatula.

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