Mushroom Dip or Pate

  • 24 May 2022

I'm back with a beautiful Mushroom Dip Recipe Huge apologies everyone for my very overdue newsletter and recipe. I was not well for a week then went straight into the Vegan Chef Training that has been fantastic but all consuming. Here I am now with a delightful recipe to share with you. It is one we made in Module 5 to eat with the activated grain focaccia we made. My dad will be happy as he...


Royal Bubble and Squeak

  • 29 March 2022

Renewed EnthusiasmMy apologies to those who love receiving my newsletter on a weekly basis. Since the floods in our area I lost the momentum to write weekly but I am back with renewed enthusiasm and some great recipes to share with you. After two of my courses being cancelled due to floods we were able to go ahead last week and what a fabulous 3 days were shared with 5 wonderful people. We had a...


Sprouting Legumes

  • 09 March 2022

Sprouting a Great Source of Nutrition when Fresh Food is not Available   Hope you are all well and not affected by the flood damage in NSW and Queensland. If you are please reach out. While I personally am not affected by the floods I do live in a town and area that is presently in devastation. It has been incredible how much support has been offered from people locally and all over the...


Gluten Free Bread

  • 03 February 2022

Make your own gluten free bread and save loads of plastic Last week I ran the very first three day Vegan Foundation Cooking Course in my new kitchen. I had 5 delightful participants and we created some incredible food and they all got to go home with recipes and a load of tips and tricks that they will be able to implement for years to come. This week on Thursday I begin the next 3 day course...


Corn Ribs

  • 21 December 2021

Simple Recipes for a Delicious Christmas (including a recipe for corn ribs) Last Minute Pressie ideas Can you believe it is almost Christmas 2021. I can’t. If you are still looking for Christmas presents remember I have a range of experience gifts - a one on one cooking class, a 3 day cooking course, a VIP nutrition and cooking package, a miso and tofu cooking class, an aranchini and gluten...


Pickled Green Beans

  • 07 December 2021

New home and a yummy gift What an exciting time it has been, buying our first home together. As regular readers know that was a big journey in itself and then the move was BIG especially after nine years in one rental house. I love our new home and  can’t wait to start courses and individual sessions in my new kitchen. It is a fabulous space which I look forward to sharing with you all...


Sushi Sandwich

  • 16 September 2021

How to Get Enough Iodine on a Vegan Diet Who grew up with iodized salt on their table? Did you know what iodized meant or were you just used to reading the word every time you saw it in its white and orange plastic tub.  It seemed to be the standard salt everyone had in their homes growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. It was branded as the important thing to have to stay healthy and then it...


Three Sprinkles

  • 09 September 2021

Add some sparkle to your foodHello Everyone,   I am so happy to be back with a recipe for you this week. Last week I sent out a newsletter asking for contributions for weekly recipes and lo and behold, within an hour of the newsletter going out I received a considerable donation via paypal from my very generous parents. I had forgotten they read my weekly blog. So this recipe and the...


Carrot Lox

  • 15 July 2021

Preventing and Healing Illness with the Right Food For those of you who follow me on social media you will know I have been struggling along with Plantar Fasciitis. Who else has this?  Well only two weeks after I put up the post I am happy to report it is pretty much almost gone. I can feel slight twinges of it now and again so will not let my guard down. After being super diligent to add...



  • 24 June 2021

It's Falafel time this week! Who loves falafel? I certainly do. These were made in the recent Three Day Vegan Foundation Cooking Course. The recipe makes a big mob of them so I would suggest making the full amount and freezing some as they freeze so well. Before putting the mix in the fridge be sure to taste it to see if you want more spice. Some like falafels with lots of spice and some...


Tahini Biscuits

  • 17 June 2021

A Healthy Biscuit/Crunchy Cookie Recipe and a Favour to Ask As many of you may know change is happening for the Vegan Cooking School and myself. In November we need to move from our home of nine years. We are on the look out for somewhere to buy to live in and continue running the cooking school from. It is our dream to stay as close to the Mullumbimby region as possible.  ...


Taro, Mushroom and Macadamia Balls

  • 23 February 2021

Taro tastes like boiled eggs, did you know that? Taro is a new vegetable for me. I have seen it and heard people say how good it is but it wasn’t until Jimi who attended one of the courses I have run this year gifted me some that I got to cook with it.   Taro is packed with;   ~ fibre, and is a resistance starch which makes it a great carbohydrate to add to your diet...


Marinated Zucchini Galette

  • 05 November 2020

Marinated Zucchini, Spring Onions & Corn Bread Galette with Cashew Mascarpone & Sprinkle How are you? I have had a great week since I last wrote. We managed to get away on a quick camping trip, which was incredibly relaxing despite getting caught in a hail storm, the walk we had planned on being closed, tree cutters at the camp ground for hours on the first afternoon and people doing...


Olive Tapenade, Fig and Olive Tapenade and Sundried Tomato Tapenade

  • 22 October 2020

Three Tapenade Recipes (one is an olive free tapenade for those who are not olive fans) Last week we filmed the online cooking course ‘Cooking at Home with Veet’ that will be launched mid November. What an incredible experience and what an incredible course it is. It is five modules packed with delightfully delicious vegan food that also happens to be gluten free and refined sugar free. It’...


Paula’s Baked Beans

  • 18 August 2020

Paula Nailed it Again, a Fabulous Recipe the Children Will Love - Home Made Baked Beans It’s children’s recipe this week and the lovely Paula who is half way through the Vegan Chef Training has once again developed a recipe for us. Paula’s last recipe, Macaroni Cheese was a winner and so is this one.   I tried out and tweaked the recipe this week and it is so good. Makrand...


Quick Vegan Quiche

  • 04 August 2020

If you need cheering up this week take time out in the kitchen Wow what a week.  Love sent to you all and especially those of you who once again find yourselves in lockdown. I hope you have the ingredients to cook up feasts for yourself during this time. Food is our saviour right now. Get cooking for yourself, your loved ones and your neighbours.   This week was request week and...


Not Salmon Cakes and Jam Drops

  • 02 July 2020

Penny's Gran’s Salmon Cakes and Jam Drops Veganised This week’s blog comes with quite a story. I hope you love stories. I love stories, my grandmother always told us stories and I would relish in every word.   Its book review week and I am reviewing a very special book this week that unfortunately isn’t for sale. It’s a family cookbook of my best friend from school’s...


Guava Jam

  • 18 June 2020

Guava Jam (probably the best jam ever) It’s seasonal produce week so here I am with something that is in season, right in my garden, right now.   We have three prolific guava trees growing in our garden. The majority of the fruit is feeding the bats, which I am so happy about as the bats had a tough time through the drought and fires. We love that we can share the fruit with...


Tortilla Pizzas

  • 23 April 2020

Mini Pizzas Mexican Style That The Whole Family Can Eat It’s children’s recipe week this week and this is a good one to make with the whole family. Put aside 1½ hours so that you can make it with ease and fun. Put on some fun music and get into the swing of cooking as a family. Go to my facebook page to see the video I did on how to make the tortilla. If you don’t have a tortilla press...


Fun Snack Ideas for School Lunches and Afternoon Tea

  • 03 February 2020

Fun Snack Ideas for School Lunches and Afternoon Tea    Two weeks ago I spent a fun filled week with one of my nieces and one of my nephews. We went on daily outings and only on one of those days did we eat out (we went to Sweetbones Café in Canberra), all the other days we packed up our picnic lunch. On one of those days there was a fire in Queanbeyan and when we got there found...


Tempeh Fingers with Hemp Seed Tartare

  • 28 January 2020

Calling all Budding Vegan Chefs I am curious to know who of you reading this blog post would like to pursue being a chef as either a hobby or profession. My story was that at the age of sixteen I wanted to be a chef but as I was vegetarian no one would take me on as an apprentice.  I let go of that dream and pursued my other dreams, working with people with disabilities and being a...


Gluten Free Crackers

  • 21 January 2020

A Recipe to Reduce Plastic How is everyone?  I am on my way to Canberra to visit my brother, niece and nephew and am curious to know how it will be to see all the fire damage as I travel down south. My heart is with all of you who may be affected by these fires here in Australia. It is also with all of you who may be struggling right now. I hope my newsletter and recipe brings a bit of...


Frozen Fruit Ice Cream

  • 14 January 2020

Frozen Fruit Ice cream (a healthy treat for summer) Hello Everyone, hope you are all safe and well and those of you affected by bushfires, my prayers, thoughts and love are with you.    This is my first blog post of 2020. It was lovely to have a few weeks break from sending out newsletters and I am so excited to be writing again. Someone asked me if I like doing my blog...


Celebrating Turning Fifty with all my Favourite Recipes

  • 26 November 2019

Celebrating Turning Fifty with all my Favourite Recipes As I write this blog post it is one week before it will go to publication. I am writing early as I will be away next week when you receive this newsletter. In the newsletter plan it is the request week and this week I am not sending you a new recipe but answering a request that I often get. What are your favourite things to cook Veet?...


Sandwich or Baguette Recipes

  • 13 November 2019

Fancy a Sandwich Anyone? How are you all this week? How many of you are effected by the bushfires? I really hope you are all safe. It’s been very full on for many people living in the area I reside. I live in town so am lucky to be in a safe area but many friends are evacuated at the moment and others are staying home in readiness to protect their properties.   I am sending masses of...


Cabbage Koftas

  • 09 October 2019

Cabbage Koftas (plus introducing more structure into the blog posts) Hello everyone, how has your week been? I am in the middle of three days off. These being very special days off for me as I have worked pretty solidly for the last seven weeks with only one full day off and even on that day I attended a workshop and then worked in the evening. It’s been a thoroughly rewarding time. In...


Pecan Pesto

  • 02 October 2019

Pecan Pesto & Lisa Following Her Dreams      Almost a year ago I got a phone call an hour before day one of the Vegan Foundation Cooking Course was due to start from a woman named Lisa wondering if there was a space left in the course that day. I had never had such a late booking before. I said “yes if you can get the application form filled out, sent back to me and be...


Vietnamese Style Baguette

  • 20 August 2019

Three Weeks of Packed Lunch Ideas (for School, University and Work) For two decades as a university student, care worker and teacher I took a packed lunch to work. I had no choice there were no options for me as a vegetarian and I have also always been a fussy eater. White bread sandwiches have never cut it for me. And that was pretty much all that seemed to be available at school canteens...


Baked Kale

  • 09 July 2019

Baked Kale For years people have been juicing, loading their smoothies and eating kale raw. I was led to believe that the natural oxalates found on kale can inhibit the absorption of iron and other essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. As a result I generally never eat it raw. Just wilting it can remove the oxalates and this fabulous recipe I share with you this week will definitely...


Airplane Snacks

  • 25 June 2019

Confession Time I’m confessing to you all! It’s big for me to admit what I am about to admit to you all. However I am placing all my cards on the table and without fear of judgment I want the world to know about what I am going to confess as it will really make my decision solid.    I’m confessing about something that I did, something that I am now actually grateful for but at...


Corn Fritters

  • 30 May 2019

Corn Fritters (a recipe for children that adults will love too) I promised a while back to write a recipe each month with children in mind. This is the first of many to come. I realise I have quite a lot of recipes already on my website which children will love. These tasty fritters will be loved by children and adults alike (as long as everyone loves corn of course).   I have cooked...


Crispy Oven Potatoes

  • 20 May 2019

Celebrating Eleven Years (with a recipe that isn’t mine)   Last Sunday marked eleven years since I embarked on my catering business and last Friday marked the four year anniversary of Veet’s Vegan Cooking School.   Triple wow, I remember those weeks when deciding to give up my life as a primary school and English as a Second Language Teacher in order to start my own business. I...


Mushroom, Artichoke and Spinach Pizza

  • 07 May 2019

This is the first in my monthly recipes with children in mind. Many people have asked for recipes that children may enjoy and for some be able to help make too. This is a great pizza recipe as it is gluten free. I have shared the gluten free pizza base recipe before. This topping was created by Jaldhara and Grace in the April foundation cooking course and it really was sensational. You can...


Steamed Veg with Tahini Sauce

  • 30 April 2019

Organic Food is Cheaper Than You Think  For eight years now my partner and I have been living on a full organic diet. When shopping for fruit and veg and dry foods we buy organic food only. There is the odd exception when we go away or eat out as there is not really any fully organic café or restaurant in Australia and when I go to India it is hard to eat 100% organic. However on a daily...


Green Harissa (a condiment for everything)

  • 09 April 2019

In the foundation vegan course we look at ways to make cooking delicious but easy, so you eat well all the time. One of the many ways we do this is to create ‘go-to sauces and dips’ that you can have in your fridge at all times, that you can use for breakfast, lunch, dinner or for snacks. Well let me tell you how that has worked for me this week. I had some green chillies in my fridge with no...


Spiced Chickpeas are so Moreish

  • 02 April 2019

Continuing on with the request for chickpea recipes. I stumbled upon a recipe for spiced chickpeas. Wow, these are a must have in the fridge at all times. They will last for three to four days in the fridge but you guessed it, only lasted two days in mine – as greedy me gobbled them all up.   They are fabulous to sprinkle over salads or eat with your steamed veg or add on the top of soups...


Cabbage Rolls (filled with chickpeas, tofu and mushrooms)

  • 26 March 2019

How’s this week been for you all? I have had the most ideal week. Working on a new version of the module one syllabus and on retreat menus has been a slower paced week for me. I have been working regular hours rather than sixteen hour days like I do when catering on retreats. Working an eight hour day has allowed me to have plenty of time to look after myself.  The first thing in practicing...


Tempeh ‘Tunaless’ Salad

  • 26 February 2019

How often do you buy a cook book, have a good flick through, salivate at the pictures then put it on the bookshelf never to it open again? There are so many cookbooks that I do this with and I have promised myself that I will choose one a year and go through them and make every recipe I like the look of.    Then on occasion I buy a cook book that I can’t put down and I try out at least...


Camping meals made in one pot

  • 11 January 2019

For those of you following Veet’s Vegan Cooking School on Instagram and Facebook you will probably remember I recently went away on a camping road trip and promised to bring back some recipes from my time on the road. Well here is the first installment. Now I am back in my big kitchen with all my fancy equipment I really miss my camp food. I love that I only had one pot to wash up and that I...


Christmas Feasting Ideas

  • 10 December 2018

There are so many vegan dishes to cook for Christmas. Where to start? Looking back through my blogs I have so many recipes from over the years that are great for Christmas feasting, so I am re-sharing them all with you now.   Sides   Greek Potatoes Without a doubt the Greek Potatoes will be on our table whether we decide to celebrate Christmas or not. The nut roast and a...


Jazzing up a Salad with Black Bean and Walnut Kofta Balls

  • 21 November 2018

In the last vegan foundation course Grace and Mark made a delicious salad with black bean kofta balls. They were a real treat. I had a left over eggplant from the course and decided to develop their recipe further by putting chopped walnuts and mashed eggplant in the koftas. It worked and they are lovely and crunchy but moist at the same time.    You can serve them with a decadent...


Reviving the rice ball

  • 04 September 2018

In 1988 I moved from living in the Northern Territory to the big smoke Sydney. I landed a job that gave me great joy, I became a care worker in a group home for developmentally disabled adults. It opened up my world to many things; my very sheltered country being was now experiencing a vividly exciting world, working with people from all walks of life. The care home was in Bondi and I used to...


You Can be Vegan and Have Your Bacon Too

  • 14 August 2018

It’s been years since I’ve eaten meat so trying to make vegan food taste like meat has never interested me. However during the last vegan chef and lifestyle training that I facilitated it became clear that there is a real need for replicating meat flavoured food in the plant based world. As there is a whole new generation of vegans who never gave up meat because they didn’t like it. ...


Spicy Moroccan Carrots & Carrot Top Pesto

  • 12 June 2018

It's Carrot Time As many of you know already, I am in the middle of teaching the Vegan Chef and Lifestyle Training for 2018. While I am enjoying this course immensely I am pushed for time to create my own recipes to showcase in the weekly newsletter I send out. So this week I am borrowing one of the recipes the chef students created last week and also sharing a pesto that features in module two...


A Savoury Pancake Recipe Everyone Must Have

  • 05 June 2018

The Vegan Chef and Lifestyle Training is half way through for 2018 and it’s racing along at record speed with amazing food prepared and cooked each day. On Wednesday we start the sixth module, which is all about specific dietary requirements. Only nine days ago we had completed module three on Ayurveda. So much to learn and everyone is gobbling it up (pun intended).   Ayurvedic cooking...


More Pizza Topping Ideas

  • 22 May 2018

Module two of the vegan chef and lifestyle training for 2018 is now complete. I didn’t want it to end as the creativity and the freshness of the food that was produced in three days was mind blowing. This was the fifth time module two, raw cuisine has run and I loved every minute of it. The students were so committed to making fabulous tasting food and were so happy to be experimenting with...


Vegan Sausage Rolls for Children and Adults Alike

  • 26 March 2018

Continuing the theme of what to cook for children or teenagers who have decided to go vegan has me sharing this sausage roll recipe with you all. I am sure many adults would like it too. I have included a short crust pastry recipe which is nothing like the puff pastry that sausage rolls are usually made with. If you are looking for authentic it is probably best you buy an organic already made...


What to Cook for the Kids When They Decide to Become Vegan

  • 20 March 2018

What to Cook for the Kids When They Decide to Become Vegan I was asked some weeks back for ideas on what to cook for children/teenagers once they decide they want to become vegan. I don’t think there is one easy answer to this as it really does depend on what the individual child/teenager likes to eat but that is actually a good place to start. You will know what your child/teenager likes to eat...


Almond, Cauliflower and Tomato Bake

  • 26 February 2018

What's the go on complete protein? (plus the most delicious recipe I've made in a long time- and that's saying something!!)I know there are two schools of thought in the vegan world on protein. One is that there is so much protein in all that we eat that we don't really need to worry about it and that it is rare to be protein deficient. The other is that it is important to make sure you get...


Its easier than you think to get all your nutrients on a vegan diet (plus 3 zinc filled recipes)

  • 20 February 2018

A few people of late have asked me for recipes and ideas to help them transition into a vegan diet more easily. It's too much to share in one email so I feel I will need to do a series. This is the first blog of three or four, I would say. I'm starting with vitamins, minerals and nutrients as this is what often concerns people (protein will come in another blog). I'm a believer that if you eat a...


Gluten Free Pizza Anyone?

  • 12 February 2018

If you have coeliac disease or gluten intolerance you will understand the relief you feel when you don't have to ask if something is gluten free. It is the same for all sorts of other dietary requirements including being vegan. I was at a vegan picnic recently and there were a lot of children. One of the children asked if the food was vegan then they realised they were at a vegan picnic and didn'...


Dips for the Weekend

  • 23 January 2018

It feels like an eternity ago since we celebrated the turning of the new year. For new years eve and new years day dinner Makrand and I enjoyed a lush antipasto platter and I did promise recipes from the platter on social media. We had garlic bread, dips and cheeses, silverbeet dolmades and pan fried mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, artichokes olives and veggie sticks. Since new year it has been so...


What Oil Do You Cook With? Here’s My Take on Oils

  • 15 January 2018

What is the low down on oils.  This is a hard one. I personally don’t fry much with oil. My preferred choice of using oil is splashing organic olive oil into a pasta sauce or running it through my lunch time salad.  As a caterer though I am asked to shallow fry corn fritters and burgers for lunch and I looked at the high heat point of oils and thought that rice bran was the best to use...


Spreading Kindness this Christmas with Delicious Vegan Food

  • 18 December 2017

What I love about vegan food is everyone can eat it. So even if you aren’t vegan, if you take vegan food along to any festive or Christmas gathering this year you will make everyone happy as it will be all inclusive.  All of my recipes are gluten free so you will have that covered too. I am sharing with you this week some delightful recipes to make, a lovely traditional Christmas meal and...


Scrambled Tofu

  • 11 December 2017

Recipes that Everyone Can Enjoy at ChristmasThis is the first of two blogs I will write with lots of Christmas/festive time/ holiday type recipes. First of all I will share a scrambled tofu recipe which will have your guests on Christmas morning or any special morning going back for seconds and even possibly thirds. Then below that recipe will be links to my all time favourite recipes to make at...


Cooking with Seasonal Produce – It’s Asparagus time!

  • 14 November 2017

Cooking with Seasonal Produce – It’s Asparagus time!It's asparagus season and I need to get in quick with this blog as asparagus season is often short lived, where I live anyway. There are all sorts of nutritional benefits to eating asparagus, like it has a good source of vitamin A (which we need for our eyesight, building our immunity and reproduction of cells and it also helps with organ...


Eggplant Super Ball

  • 07 November 2017

A few weeks back I did a little write up on Jessie Rae, one of 2016 graduated vegan chefs. Did anyone try her delectable hemp chocolate cake? If so how did it go? In this week’s blog it is Pandora’s recipe I will share with you. For those of you who didn’t read Jessie’s blog and for those who have forgotten I will do a recap. On the 5th and 6th of September the graduated chefs of 2016 came back...



  • 10 October 2017

It’s pickles time again. I know it was only a few weeks back that I wrote about pickles. I’m mad for pickles these days. Who made the giardiniera from the recipe I posted a few weeks back? If you did I would love to hear from you and find out how it went. Do you have any pictures to share? If so can you please share on the recipe share page on Facebook. Like I said in last week’s blog I was...


Vegan Egg Mayonnaise

  • 03 October 2017

I was lucky enough to find myself in Fitzroy, Melbourne a few weeks back attending a 5 rhythms workshop. I hadn’t been to Melbourne for three years so it was a pleasant surprise to see that even more vegan restaurants, cafes and shops had opened up. One morning before my class I took a stroll to Smith and Deli and was amazed by all they had to offer there and also by how busy this gorgeous...


Italian Pickles are so under rated

  • 19 September 2017

I used to buy jars of giardiniere when my surname was Di Girogio (I was married to an Italian once upon a time) and I would have devoured the jar within the day of purchasing. So when Anthea Amore of Organic Passion came and taught on the Vegan Chef Training this year, on the Italian Wholefoods day of module four I was elated when she suggested she teach Giardiniere.For those not in the know...


Nut free recipes for those that are allergic or sensitive to nuts

  • 28 August 2017

Life often presents challenges and in the end it always becomes something positive. The last retreat I catered on there was someone who was allergic to a lot of nuts. Not just allergic but anaphylactic allergic so I was on super alert for cross contamination.I realised that a few of my dishes were all the more special due to using cashews in them and wanted to find a way to replicate these for...


A scrumptious recipe for left over rice or quinoa

  • 14 August 2017

I always make too much rice. Is that what you do, or are you more accurate with your estimations of how much you will eat?I always cook too much so will often throw it in my salad for lunch the next day. However the other day there was far too much left over so I did some creative thinking and came up with this sweet little recipe. We had left over rice and quinoa and yum it worked so well...


If you are still struggling to digest legumes try this wonderful recipe

  • 23 May 2017

If you are still struggling to digest legumes try this wonderful recipeI hear from many people that they cannot digest legumes or beans properly and when I enquire into what type of beans they eat they usually say beans from a can.  If you follow the guide of information I have collected from many sources and from 40 years of problem free bean eating you may find out that you actually can...


A fuss free tart or pie crust that is gluten free

  • 16 May 2017

A fuss free tart or pie crust that is gluten freeI love pastry but my belly doesn’t. I can make gluten free pastry and it’s delicious but I always find it too fussy.  This recipe that I recently taught on module four of the Vegan Chef and Lifestyle Training is a simple one to follow and a delicious alternative to pastry, which really is fuss free. You can fill the crust with anything. One...


Cheesy Baked Potatoes with Coleslaw and tomato pear salsa

  • 26 April 2017

What was comfort food to you as a child, something that really nourished you and made you feel good no matter what was going on around you? One of mine was baked potatoes. When we went camping we would throw a potato in the fire and cook it and eat the whole potato charred skin and all. A baked potato is even more appealing to me now I am on a vegan diet. Mak and I  pop our potatoes  in...


Palak and Lentil Balls

  • 27 February 2017

An Iron Rich Meal Not to MissHow has your week been?  We went camping last week. It is the only thing I know that really gets me to relax and the absence of Wi-Fi makes it even more relaxing. I took along dinners that had already been frozen so the only prep I had to do was to reheat the dinners and make a salad for lunch. It was super luxurious. After the short camping trip was over the...


Very Creamy Zucchini Slice Recipe (great for lunch boxes)

  • 20 February 2017

Yahoo finally I am announcing the new dates for The Vegan Chef and Lifestyle Training happening later this year. All the dates are below the recipe for the very creamy zucchini slice. Don’t miss out on attending some or all of the training as I will not be offering this training in the first half of 2018. So for those of you who are waiting for next year now is the time to jump and do it in 2017...


Tips for Vegans and Vegetarians at Christmas

  • 19 December 2016

Tips for vegans/vegetarians at christmas or for those of you who have vegans coming to lunch at christmasFor me this has always been a difficult time of year being forced to attend events where people chow down on big bits of animal parts. Even at a so called vegetarian gathering some years ago I was gob smacked when I saw a dead chicken on the table. So I have taken the cowards way out and stay...


Korma Comedian Curry, Green Thai Fritters & Chilli Thai Salad

  • 07 December 2016

When in India do as the Indians do!As you read this post I will be in India and by now smelling of turmeric, fenugreek and curry spices in general. My life without India, Indian food and meditation would be quite difficult to live. This year’s visit to the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune India has come around earlier. After an intensely busy year I could not wait until the usual...


Winner recipes and inspiration for food this Christmas

  • 30 November 2016

Who would like some inspiration for making food this Christmas?  Here are some winner recipes.Christmas is not long now and even if you don’t celebrate the occasion, you may be invited to a gathering. So here are a few recipes that may inspire you to get in the festive cheer or at least ensure you are well fed when you are invited to any of the celebrations going on. Each year I post up a...


Where do you get your protein from?

  • 23 November 2016

A very common cry from meat eaters to people who announce they are vegan is “Where do you get your protein from?” I am ever grateful my mum asked me this question at the age of sixteen as it sent me on a quest of finding out just what protein was. In my early twenties I had the good fortune of a naturopath telling me to eat protein with every meal and then in recent years another naturopath...


Gluten Free Vegan Tart Base

  • 09 November 2016

This is a quick recipe so I feel it deserves a quick blog post this week. It appears many people love a good savoury tart or what often was referred to as a quiche. When you are gluten free and vegan it can be quite a challenge to make a good base but this lovely tasty tart base ticks all the boxes and in my experience people who can eat gluten and haven’t quite yet become vegan love it too. It...


Warm White Bean Dip with Raw and Roasted Veg

  • 14 July 2016

Vegan Fondue (is that even possible) the last recipe review of the book ' My New Roots'For those who follow my blog posts you will remember last year I started a recipe review on Sarah Britons book ' My New Roots'. A month or so back the realisation that I had left that project unfinished hit me and then in the last foundation module  of The Vegan Chef and Lifestyle Training, two of the...


Potato Patties with Sweet Brazilian Cherry Sauce

  • 09 December 2015

A Christmas Idea The Whole Family Will Love Is Christmas time an easy time for you or one fraught with all sorts of emotions. As a child I loved the build up to christmas but always noticed my dad had to work pretty hard during that time and the absence of our extended family was very felt. Missing all our relatives on christmas day reminiscing of how it used to be. Fortunately for us...


Miso Tahini Sauce and Thai Basil Pesto

  • 21 October 2015

What is buzzing and humming food? (plus an idea to make those times when you need to get a quick meal or snack easier)I am rehasing an old blog post here, one that I know many of you missed so thought to run this idea past you.Do you prefer buzzing food or humming food?What is this you may ask?It is something my partner and I talked about years ago, it was his analogy. When I stopped eating...


The Best Ever Savoury Pancakes

  • 01 July 2015

Last weekend was module three of The Vegan Chef and Lifestyle Training which was the Ayurvedic style of cooking and eating. During the first day we learned many traditional recipes from the wonderful Jacinta McEwan of Mullum Herbals. Amongst the recipes was my all time favourite pancakes. I have had these served up to me many a time at an afternoon tea when in India. I cooked them last night for...


Never Go Hungry Again (Ideas for when you travel)

  • 01 May 2015

Never Go Hungry Again (Ideas for when you travel)Sitting at Sydney airport with a rumble in my belly I am prompted to write this blog. It is not often I leave home without my packed lunch, breakfast, dinner or snack. However this time I have done the unthinkable and I am hungry!!  As I cast my minds eye over the organic watermelon, apples, pears, oranges, hemp seeds and home made hummus...


Mexican Style Bake

  • 04 April 2015

Problem Free Bean and Legume Eating (A Complete Guide to Easy Digestion)A big part of me so wanted to title this blog post beans without letting the gas off (that is the expression my 6 year old nephew gives to flatulence) wasn't sure how appropriate that was for a title though. This blog post is an important one as so many people struggle with digesting beans and there really are some very...


Nut Balls with Tahini Coconut Yoghurt Sauce

  • 23 March 2015

Could you go without meat for a week? Go on give it a go.How long can you go without eating meat?Can you go a week without eating meat- this week is your chance to give it a go. The 23rd of March to the 29th of March is Meat free week- an initiative set up in 2013What is meat free week?Meat free week is an opportunity t,o as a collective give up meat for a week-Why give up meat for a week?Three...


Fermented Veg Salad

  • 18 February 2015

What's all the fuss about sauerkraut? Simple ways of making your own cheaply.What is all the fuss about sauerkraut? How can cabbage that is stuffed in a jar and left to ferment for more than three weeks be remotely good for you? It's smelly and bubbles away, it doesn't make any sense. These were all things that crossed my mind when I started making my own. Sauerkraut isn't new to me nor is it...


Nut Thyme and Sage Filled Mushrooms

  • 01 December 2014

December Give Aways and Festive Recipes Well I missed a week of blog writing. I always feel like I let myself and you all down when I do that and then I wonder if any of you actually noticed and how many of you actually care if a recipe comes your way or not. I have relaxed somewhat and stopped giving myself a hard time for missing a week as during the month of December I will be giving you...


Raw Zucchini and Carrot Noodles with an Unnamed Sauce

  • 03 November 2014

Did you know that peanuts aren't actually nuts? (plus a great alternative recipe to peanut sauce)Peanuts were the first "nut' I ever ate, by the handful smothered in salt feeling happy to be eating them as well as feeling guilty that I couldn't share them with my brother. As a child my brother was highly allergic to peanuts. I loved them when I was young but for a few decades now have stayed...


Gluten Free Date Scones

  • 31 July 2014

How to Make Scones Gluten Free and be Absolutely DeliciousAre you gluten free and a lover of scones and like me thought they were a thing of the past? Or do you know someone who just salivates at the thought of scones but can't have them anymore since being diagnosed with gluten intolerance or Coeliac's disease? If you answered yes to either of these questions and even if you didn't I can...


Non Dairy Sprinkles

  • 26 May 2014

In all of the sprinkles below, I suggest food processing them but you can easily make them with a mortar and pestle if you would prefer a more traditional method. Gomasio1 cup sesame seeds In a frying pan dry fry the sesame seeds until they brown slightly.  Let cool then process until they form a powder rather than seeds.  Store in an airtight container. Pecan mince1 cup pecans 1 tsp...


Mexican Inspired Lettuce Cups

  • 17 February 2014

I have been promising this recipe to a few people for a while now and before the Mango season dries up I think I better get it to you all. This is a refreshing summer recipe. When I first made it I made it in individual bowls with big lettuce leaves, it was a very wholesome lunch. Recently though in the cooking classes here in the Byron shire we have been making it in small lettuce cups and...


Seasonal Cooking Class in the Byron Bay Area

  • 24 December 2013

On the 18th January I am holding the first cooking class for the year. It will be in the Byron Bay Shire. It feels really good to see in the new year with an exciting new cooking class. The class will of course be vegetarian and is titled <em>Seasonal Cooking. </em>In the class we will make lots of different dishes with whatever is in season. There will be starters, main meals, salads...


Christmas Ideas and Healthy alternatives for Eating Salmon

  • 21 December 2013

This is an extra blog post this week to give you some wonderful ideas for Christmas and keep you from reaching for a packet salmon. I am not entirely sure why but in the last few weeks it has been bought to my attention how much salmon is being consumed these days.This led me to look into why people are eating salmon and how it is farmed. Alarmingly salmon is grown with very few ethics and in my...


Byron Bay Tempeh

  • 17 December 2013

In my very busy mind I had a great story to tell you about my love of tempeh. It was so eloquently put together but the reality is I now can't put thought to paper.  So here is a much briefer account of my tempeh love affair. When I was first introduced to tempeh I didn't quite understand the attraction. I persevered but the chemistry just wasn't there and I gave up even trying to like it....