Happy New Year Everyone. Wishing you a fabulous year ahead with wonderfully fresh, alive, healthy and incredibly delicious food all year long. I am very excited about the upcoming year. 2013 was a very good year for Veet's Cuisine, however quite challenging on a personal level. Many lessons learned and even though there were emotionally painful times I was able to still keep doing the thing I love the most and that is cooking healthy vegetarian cuisine.

As you will see below I have plenty already planned for 2014 and I really hope to see you all somewhere at some point during the year. It is my intention in 2014 to keep creating delicious food all year long as well as help people along their path of becoming healthy vegetarians. In no way am I interested in convincing people to become vegetarians. Rather it is my passion to help those who want to live healthily as vegetarians and to provide information and recipes to those who want to incorporate more vegetarian food into their diets.

On a personal note my intention for 2014 is to look at my own diet. I can honestly say I have an extremely healthy diet, eating very pure foods and only organic eggs and dairy, organic and spray free fresh fruit and vegetables as well as organic dry foods. I eat a balanced diet and take care of my iron levels and B12 levels very effectively. However my appetite has always been huge and since reaching my forties and a metabolism change I really need to look at ways to decrease my appetite (or some would say stop being so greedy).

I also intend to create a better balance for myself, even when working sixteen hour days I would like to incorporate more meditation, exercise and yoga into my daily routine. I will let you know via Facebook how this transpires. I wish you luck with your intentions for 2014 and hope that I can help you in some form or other along the way.

This week's recipe is a lovely cleansing one to start the new year with. Before the recipe is a list of cooking classes I am holding in 2014 as well as the retreats and events I am booked in to cater for. As I was compiling the list I found myself getting super excited as I love all of the people I am catering for very much.

Cooking Classes

Seasonal Cooking Class. Byron Bay, 18th January, see our Cooking Class page for details

Fresh and Vibrant Byron Bay, 1st February

Seasonal Cooking class Byron Bay, 3rd May

Seasonal Cooking Class Sydney, May, 24th May, Sydney Cooking School

Fresh and Vibrant Raw food  and More Cooking Class May 25th, Sydney Cooking School

Fresh and Vibrant Raw Food Recipes. Canberra, April, date and venue TBA

Seasonal Cooking Class. Perth, May and September, date and venue TBA

A cooking class in your home town and even in your kitchen. To be organised!

Events and Workshops where Veet's Cuisine will be catering

Michael Wheeler's Manifesting Mediumship retreat, February http://www.psychicoranges.com/

Flo Fenton's yoga retreats, February/May/December <cite>www.intouchyogabyronbay.com/</cite>

Rahasya and Nura The New Dawn, Awakening Intensive  http://www.livingunity.com/schedule/

Flo Fenton's teacher training certificate, 2 July/October <cite>www.intouchyogabyronbay.com/</cite>

Yvette Hall's Hot Yoga Weekend Retreats 7th to 9th March https://www.facebook.com/hotyogagaretreat

Power Living teacher trainings and retreats, March/November <cite>www.<b>powerliving</b>.com.au</cite>

Pure Yoga women retreat April 2nd to 6th http://pureyogawoman.com/upcomingretreats/

Hatha Yoga Detox retreat April 6th to 11th http://www.hathayogaspace.com/

Nia Retreat with Tracey Tighe, August http://www.niaaustralia.com.au/find-nia/workshops-events/10-retreats/592-nia-byron-bay-retreat-with-tracey-tighe

Sue Hawkins, November retreat only (another caterer is catering all her other retreats) http://www.yogahealthretreats.com/byron-bay-yoga-retreats/

Refreshing Green Juice Recipe

1/2 bunch of kale or rocket or lettuce

2 green apples

1 Lebanese cucumber

1/2 bunch parsley

Juice of 1 lemon

Juice preferably using a cold press juicer.  Drink anytime of the day for vitality, cleansing and energy.


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