Raspberry Bites (a recipe for you all and dedicated to my mum’s birthday)

Today is my mum’s birthday and I can’t contact her to wish her a happy birthday as she is away on a holiday without a phone. So I thought I would let her know I was thinking about her on her birthday by dedicating a blog post to her. When she gets back from her holiday and opens her email she will see a recipe just for her.


It’s Sago Time (plus a sharing about being scammed)

Isn’t it time for a dessert recipe?. This is a simple recipe and it can be made ahead of time and left to chill. More a springtime dessert than winter so that is perfect as we have just entered spring here in the southern hemisphere anyway. I was introduced to sago pudding only 3 years ago when I first started facilitating the vegan chef training. There are two ways of making it and the method I describe below in my opinion is the easiest and the best way so that it doesn’t go gluggy. The flavouring and toppings are endless but this is the version we serve on retreats and people seem to love it, well they always polish it off.


Swapping an addiction for another one (my story with giving up coffee)

The 6th of April 2017 marks the date I gave up coffee. This was no easy feat. I have been a coffee addict from a very early age. I love the stuff. As a child I loved it in the form of iced coffee bought in cardboard cartons and as I grew into an adult I loved it in the strongest form I could find. I only had one a day so I really thought it was fine for me. I also only had organic and I could sustain a sixteen hour work day with huge amounts of energy fuelled by my daily cup of coffee. I tried to give it up many times in the past and attempted to be an occasional drinker. The first sip of that occasional coffee saw me fully addicted again.


Raspberry Delight (my vegan take on cherry ripe)

Who noticed I missed a blog or two? I certainly noticed as I am having withdrawals. I love posting weekly recipes and am so happy I now have the space to get regular again. What better way to start back writing than sharing a sweet treat recipe. This recipe of mine featured in the Injoy magazine in June 2015. It’s a beauty and I am happy to share it with you all .


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