Baked Kale

  • 09 July 2019

Baked Kale For years people have been juicing, loading their smoothies and eating kale raw. I was led to believe that the natural oxalates found on kale can inhibit the absorption of iron and other essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. As a result I generally never eat it raw. Just wilting it can remove the oxalates and this fabulous recipe I share with you this week will definitely...


Tofu Egg Fried Rice

  • 01 July 2019

Tofu Egg Fried Rice Quite a few years ago by partner Mak bought me a most treasured gift. The Zorba the Buddha cookbook. It is a sought after cookbook and Mak purchased it in the early days of EBay. I loved to look at it yet rarely made anything from it.    At the beginning of the year I realised that I hadn’t seen it for at least a year, which sent me on a big search. To no avai...


Airplane Snacks

  • 25 June 2019

Confession Time I’m confessing to you all! It’s big for me to admit what I am about to admit to you all. However I am placing all my cards on the table and without fear of judgment I want the world to know about what I am going to confess as it will really make my decision solid.    I’m confessing about something that I did, something that I am now actually grateful for but at...


Spaghetti with Wood Ear Mushrooms and Brussel Sprouts

  • 19 June 2019

Spaghetti with Wood Ear Mushrooms and Brussel Sprouts I’m being brave posting a recipe with Brussels in it as I know that not everyone loves them as much as I do. Don’t be put off though if you are not a Brussels lover as you can use another green veg of your choice or just leave them out all together. This sauce is a beauty. So rich and meaty (in the non animal meaty way).   This...


Veg Makhanwala and Okra Curry

  • 12 June 2019

Veg Makhanwala and Okra Curry   As I start to wind down the last week of work before I go on my yearly visit to India I feel a curry recipe is called for, so I am sharing with you two recipes. I adapted the first recipe earlier this year and had planned on sharing with you all then but somehow spaced it out.   So here is Mak’s (my beloved’s) favourite curry recipe. He used to eat...


Potato and Spinach Bake

  • 04 June 2019

Potato and Spinach Bake (It’s like a soufflé) Its been my experience that if I put a bowl of nut cheese out in front of friends who aren’t vegan and don’t tell them what it is they will ask what type of cheese it is. However if I place a bowl of vegan cheese on the table with some crackers and tell my friends what it is they will say, “it’s nice but it doesn’t really taste like cheese”. It...


Corn Fritters

  • 30 May 2019

Corn Fritters (a recipe for children that adults will love too) I promised a while back to write a recipe each month with children in mind. This is the first of many to come. I realise I have quite a lot of recipes already on my website which children will love. These tasty fritters will be loved by children and adults alike (as long as everyone loves corn of course).   I have cooked...


Crispy Oven Potatoes

  • 20 May 2019

Celebrating Eleven Years (with a recipe that isn’t mine)   Last Sunday marked eleven years since I embarked on my catering business and last Friday marked the four year anniversary of Veet’s Vegan Cooking School.   Triple wow, I remember those weeks when deciding to give up my life as a primary school and English as a Second Language Teacher in order to start my own business. I...


Mushroom, Artichoke and Spinach Pizza

  • 07 May 2019

This is the first in my monthly recipes with children in mind. Many people have asked for recipes that children may enjoy and for some be able to help make too. This is a great pizza recipe as it is gluten free. I have shared the gluten free pizza base recipe before. This topping was created by Jaldhara and Grace in the April foundation cooking course and it really was sensational. You can...


Organic Food is Cheaper Than You Think

  • 30 April 2019

Organic Food is Cheaper Than You Think  For eight years now my partner and I have been living on a full organic diet. When shopping for fruit and veg and dry foods we buy organic food only. There is the odd exception when we go away or eat out as there is not really any fully organic café or restaurant in Australia and when I go to India it is hard to eat 100% organic. However on a daily...