A Little Slice that Packs a Big Punch (A vegan take on Mohanthal)

Once a year I have the privilege to cater for Deva and Miten’s ecstatic Chant retreat, which was attended by two hundred and seventy people. As it’s a super hot time of the year and the kitchen we cater in reaches at least 10°C hotter than the outside temperature, I am always on the look out for recipes that don’t involve baking.


Let’s Celebrate with a Coconut Cake

Happy New Year Everyone. I wish you the year that you want it to be with a lot of love, laughter, fun times and an abundance of really good, healthy and delicious vegan food. Usually I post a recipe for a healthy drink or smoothie in my first blog of the year, however this year my blog post day falls on my Dad’s seventy fifth birthday so even though I am not with him I wish to celebrate him by sharing with you this delicious coconut cake recipe. When I visited my parents in October last year my Dad kept hinting that he would love a piece of coconut cake. I had never made a coconut cake so couldn’t take up his hint and create one for him but thought I’ll develop a recipe for the next time I see him. I have tried a few times with not so lovely results but this cake recipe is a winner and I can’t wait to make it for my Dad. Happy Birthday Dad.


Raspberry Bites (a recipe for you all and dedicated to my mum’s birthday)

Today is my mum’s birthday and I can’t contact her to wish her a happy birthday as she is away on a holiday without a phone. So I thought I would let her know I was thinking about her on her birthday by dedicating a blog post to her. When she gets back from her holiday and opens her email she will see a recipe just for her.


Raspberry Delight (my vegan take on cherry ripe)

Who noticed I missed a blog or two? I certainly noticed as I am having withdrawals. I love posting weekly recipes and am so happy I now have the space to get regular again. What better way to start back writing than sharing a sweet treat recipe. This recipe of mine featured in the Injoy magazine in June 2015. It’s a beauty and I am happy to share it with you all .


The Best Ever Sweet Treat

Each year I am fortunate enough to spend a few weeks in The Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune India. This last visit came a month earlier than usual and is a visit I will remember forever. With very few friends visiting at the time of my stay I was able to really immerse myself in the many revolutionary meditation techniques Osho has developed. My days were spent in the meditation auditorium, sitting around the pool drinking tea and reflecting on myself in that moment and walking around the gorgeous gardens. In past visits I have ‘made the most’ of my stay and gone to all the late evening meditations or participated in the wonderful celebrations that happen each night. However this recent visit saw me tucked up in bed by nine each night and up early for the 6 am dynamic meditation or 730 silent sitting so resting was a huge part of my stay.


Banana Slice with vegan condensed milk

I had planned to only review recipes from Neighbourhood by Hetty Mckinnon. once every few months but just can’t help trying out another recipe from this gorgeous cookbook. As I flick through the book I think about what neighbourhood means to me personally. 
I live in a ‘hood’ very close to a small town which I have been in love with for the last ten or so years. It is a country town with a difference. We are two blocks down from the main drag and often I get frustrated with loud machinery, the constant obsession of people building and adding on to their houses and the very regular lawn mowing. 
However more often than not I have to pinch myself when I realise how quiet and how quaint the streets are where I live.


A great idea for breakfast or a dessert

Who of you out there are like me and struggle to know what to have for breakfast. I am not one of those people who can have the same thing for brekky everyday. I will go a week with having a smoothie and get tired of it, a few weeks on toast, a couple of days on fruit salad, a week on salad, in winter a few days of soup and occasionally a porridge here and there.


Organic Cold Pressed Oils

What oils do you use?  It is a big question, for me the number one importance is that the oil is organic and secondly that it is cold pressed. Ever since I left home at the age of eighteen I have used good quality cold pressed olive oil. It was the only oil I used for decades. In recent years though becoming aware of heating points of oils things have changed. Basically, I still predominantly use olive oil but this is added usually at the end of cooking or if I can't resist I will add it to a pan on a low heat.


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