Baked Kale

For years people have been juicing, loading their smoothies and eating kale raw. I was led to believe that the natural oxalates found on kale can inhibit the absorption of iron and other essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. As a result I generally never eat it raw. Just wilting it can remove the oxalates and this fabulous recipe I share with you this week will definitely rid the lush green kale leaves of the oxalates.
The idea for this recipe came from my recent stay in Melbourne. The gorgeous Ramona made this dish with lima beans as part of a sit down three course meal which she invited me to. 
I made this kale with blood oranges and pepitas but you can put anything with it to make a delicious baked salad of any type.
So far it’s my all time favourite way to cook kale.


Baked Kale


2 bunches kale destalked and well washed
4 spring onions white and green finely chopped 
½ tsp salt
Cracked pepper
2 tbsp olive oil 
2 blood oranges sliced thinly
¼ cup toasted pepitas


Either thinly chop or roughly chop the kale. Place the kale and spring onion in a baking tray and sprinkle on the salt and pepper. 
Add the oil and mix the kale through with a spoon.
Place in an oven for 10 minutes then mix through the kale so the bottom bits come to the top and cook for a further 10 minutes or until as tender as you like kale cooked.
Serve with the orange slices and sprinkle on the pepitas.
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Your Dietary Requirements Will be Looked After

One of the things that makes the Vegan Foundation Course stand out from other cooking courses is that your dietary requirements will be taken into consideration. No matter what we are cooking in the three days there will be an alternative to suit your dietary requirement. This makes this course all-inclusive. Everything is vegan and gluten free and then if you have a particular dislike or you have something you are allergic to, intolerant to or have been told you have to avoid, then that is also accommodated. Its great as it shows everyone how easy it is to cater for individual dietary requirements.

Cooking School News

To be honest I wrote this blog post two days prior going to India and as you read now I am in India so not sure how many spaces I have left in each course but if you email me I will know. There is sure to be a spot for you in one of the remaining vegan foundation courses. Come along and join the fun
Next week there wont be a blog post from me but I will be back the week after so have a great couple of weeks.
With gratitude Veet 


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