Vegan Cooking Course

Veet’s Vegan Cooking School offers a three day cooking course which is also the stepping stone to the full training.  In this class the fundamentals of vegan cooking will be taught. The class is hands on and you will immerse yourself in three full days of vegan organic cuisine.

As well as cooking you will learn how to combine foods to make well balanced protein and nutrient rich meals that will ensure you eat for optimum health.

The three day course will cover;

  • Simple healthy sweet treats
  • Preservative free cooking
  • Staple vegan meals
  • Health and hygiene in the kitchen
  • Safety in the kitchen
  • Vegan protein knife cutting skills
  • Cooking methods for beans
  • Grains and vegetables
  • Creative vegan breakfasts
  • Vegan complete protein
  • B12 iron and essential nutrients
  • Soups and salads galore
  • The science of vegan and gluten free baking twenty minute meals
  • Simple sushi and you will also create a signature dish

These three days will set you up for a lifetime of healthy and delicious vegan cooking. You will learn to create and adapt recipes that your friends, family and most importantly you yourself will enjoy eating time and time again.

Price & Dates

Dates 2019
January 17th to 19th
March 28th to 30th
April 25th to 27th
May 30th to June 1st
July  25th to 27th
August 22nd to 24th
October 3rd to 5th
November 14th to 16th

Course Length
3 Days

3 Day Course Price 
2018 = $1006.50 includes 10% gst
2019 = $1006.50 includes 10% gst

Want to take vegan cooking further? Read more about the FULL training course. This 3 Day Course is Module 1 of the full course.

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