Nourishing kidgeree inspired by a brand new cookbook

Last week I went into our local book shop to buy a novel for my holiday and of course I walked out with a cook book. It happens every time. I love looking through cookbooks even though I rarely follow a recipe I still find them incredibly useful for inspiration. For example I have been making Kidgeree (an Indian rice and lentil) the same way for years then last week after I purchased Saffron Soul by Mira Manek, I was inspired to make a kidgeree entirely different to my original recipe. Guess what? I love this new recipe more than the one I have been making for years. I didn’t really follow the recipe and I decided to make the coriander chutney in the book but I used macadamia nuts instead of peanuts, didn’t have anything near the quantity of coriander that the recipe suggested and I used dates instead of honey and added lime because in my not so humble opinion a chutney is not chutney without lime. The result looked anything but a chutney but was sensational mixed through the kidgeree.