Broad Bean Paella and What to Eat When Feeling Depressed

Can Broad Beans Really Keep the Blues Away? (what to eat when feeling depressed)

To most people  I seem like that happy sort of person and yes most of the time I am but I am also good at pretending and putting on a happy face when I'm actually feeling like shit. However at times i just can't do that and last Thursday I  had a morning where no matter what I  did I couldn't pick myself up.


Preservative Free cooking 2 & Three Dips

The other week catering on a yoga teacher training, two plumbers rocked up to the kitchen I was cooking in and put in a dishwasher. As one of them was installing the dishwasher the other was fascinated in the food I was cooking and was quizzing me on the spices I was putting together. I was making a Vietnamese style curry from scratch and he asked me if I was using brown rice. He was happy that I was and proceeded to tell me about his mate who was a vet.