Delicious and Nutritious Cooking Class and Easy Stir Fry Recipe

After a very successful raw food workshop last weekend I am very happy to announce one last cooking class for 2013, to be held on the 20th of October.  The class will be the Delicious and Nutritious workshop. In this workshop you will learn a variety of simple and easy recipes that you will feel confident in trying out at home. The recipes will include snacks, entrees, mains, drinks and desserts. The recipes will come from the ‘Veet’s Cuisine’ cook book and also some brand new recipes I have to share, including a few raw recipes.


Beetroot and Green Bean Curry

Beetroot and Green Bean curry

I have a skill that comes easily to me, I can’t often say this so I am quite proud of this skill and it was learned directly from my grandmother. It’s the skill of being able to create a delicious meal out of meager ingredients.  Looking into a next to empty fridge I can quickly think of a creative delight to whip up for dinner.


Flo Fenton's Teacher Training and a Curry Recipe

I have a great number of clients and yoga schools I cater for each year and I would like to over time introduce you to them and the work they do. One of the local Byron Bay yoga teachers, Flo Fenton runs three yoga retreats a year and several teacher trainings. This coming October she begins stage two of her yoga teacher training and I am very excited to be catering on it. As Flo is a local and not a visiting teacher that comes to Byron to run trainings, she attracts students from all over Australia, New Zealand and further afield.


Quick and Easy Pasta Sauce Recipe

Preservative Free Cooking

Last week I couldn’t resist picking up and purchasing the woman’s weekly vegetarian cookbook. The first vegetarian cook book I ever bought at sixteen was the woman’s weekly one. Much has changed since I was sixteen, nice big glossy photos, lots of internationally inspired herbs and spices, and a brilliant array of  grains and pulses being used.