Very Creamy Zucchini Slice Recipe (great for lunch boxes)

Yahoo finally I am announcing the new dates for The Vegan Chef and Lifestyle Training happening later this year. All the dates are below the recipe for the very creamy zucchini slice. Don’t miss out on attending some or all of the training as I will not be offering this training in the first half of 2018. So for those of you who are waiting for next year now is the time to jump and do it in 2017 instead.


Korma Comedian Curry, Green Thai Fritters & Chilli Thai Salad

As you read this post I will be in India and by now smelling of turmeric, fenugreek and curry spices in general. My life without India, Indian food and meditation would be quite difficult to live. This year’s visit to the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune India has come around earlier. After an intensely busy year I could not wait until the usual January 1st pilgrimage.


Winner recipes and inspiration for food this Christmas

Christmas is not long now and even if you don’t celebrate the occasion, you may be invited to a gathering. So here are a few recipes that may inspire you to get in the festive cheer or at least ensure you are well fed when you are invited to any of the celebrations going on.


Gluten Free Vegan Tart Base

This is a quick recipe so I feel it deserves a quick blog post this week. It appears many people love a good savoury tart or what often was referred to as a quiche. When you are gluten free and vegan it can be quite a challenge to make a good base but this lovely tasty tart base ticks all the boxes and in my experience... 


Vegan Spaghetti Bolognaise Takes Me Back to 1977

Who remembers the first time they ate spaghetti bolognaise? I do! My family and I were living in the tiny town of Katherine in the Northern Territory, the population then was a bit over three thousand and it was 1977. My mum had come home with a bag (paper bag in those days) full of groceries and she pulled out a hand written recipe given to her by her boss. My brother and I asked as we always did ‘what’s for dinner mum?’ and she replied spaghetti bolognaise. This was new to us the only spaghetti we had eaten before came out of a tin and was covered in a sweet red sauce which neither of us liked.


Veets Feel Good Lunch

Do you know if what you are eating is right for you?

I love the course I teach. The modules have been carefully planned in a particular order that  enable students to begin to work out what way of eating is best suited to their constitution, their body type and what makes them feel good.

I love that we can all choose to listen to what our body needs to eat and style food around a few different principals of eating in order to create food which makes our bodies sing.


Tridoshic Vegetable Curry

A few ideas on slowing down and still get everything done (and a great recipe too)

It is ironic that I am writing about the topic of slowing down and I know my beloved partner Mak is going to raise his eyebrows when he sees this post as he is surrounded by my 'busy ness' every minute of the day. If you were to see my house and my diary right now you would wonder what I could possibly offer you in the ways of ideas of slowing down. My front lounge room is piled high with catering boxes that were loaded in there last night after teaching all weekend.


Eggplant and broccoli curry in a hurry (easy ways to make nice thick curry gravy without all the preservatives)

Did any of you reading this blog grow up with a tin of Keen's curry powder in the cupboard? I did, My mum used to have a few tins on the go at once and would add a spoonful to various dishes. As a child I always wondered what the powder was and where it originally came from but never thought to ask her. In adult years I thought maybe it was ground curry leaves and then could be a more tumeric version of garam masala (a spice blend popular in Indian Cuisine) but in recent years found out it was a combination of wonderful spices quite different to garam masala. I found a recipe similar to the one below in a newly purchased cook book. I love it and most importantly it is simple to make. My handy advice is to make up a big batch so you can do as my mum did and add it to lots of dishes.


Kale Dhal with Arjwain

Dhal for all you Darls out there (Indian food is easy and incredibly nutritious)

How many of you fall into the category of thinking its too difficult to make Indian food from scratch?


Best Nut Roast Ever- Just in time for christmas (seed free version if you prefer)

I've been making nut roasts for six or so years now and from time to time I change parts of the original recipe and look up new ideas. In all the variations this is the best one I have come across. With it containing a grain (rice) and nuts it is automatically a complete protein meal and then the addition of organic non gmo silken tofu you really do have yourself a protein packed meal.