My next stint of work is going to be big and as I write I am thinking about how utterly blessed I am to be catering for such incredible people.  I start with catering lunches for Gangaji and Eli’s last retreat in Australia. It will be a complete honor to provide delicious food made of exceptionally high quality ingredients to a beautiful group of people. Then that retreat leads straight into Flo Fenton’s yoga retreat. Flo attracts such sweet people and I love the retreats she provides and the enthusiasm that the people have for good quality vegetarian food.

Overlapping Flo’s retreat I will start a week long catering event for the hosts, guests, presenters, musicians and organisers of the upcoming Uplift Festival.  As the Uplift festival was the highlight of 2012 for me I am already nervously excited to be catering for this group of inspiring and inspired people.

Thinking back to the 2012 Uplift festival the highlights for me were of course the dance classes, 5 rhythms and Future Sound of yoga, the evening concerts, Deva Premal , Miten and Sacred Earth and the wonderful presenters Bruce Lipton, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and the Earth Guardians, Arne Rubenstein and the phenomenal Kirk Nugent.  All these people are back plus to my delight Turiya Hanover  the co founder of  The Path of Love and so many more presenters who I have never heard speak and will now get the opportunity to bask in their immense wisdom.

As I am catering prior to the festival I will get to attend the festival without working, so will have time to enjoy the Uplift festival totally and hopefully do so in the company of  many of you. I know every single one of you who reads this blog will love the Uplift festival.  To sum it all up, the festival gave me a sense of greater community far bigger than the incredible community I find myself in here in the Mullumbimby area, a global community.  It also highlighted the fact that there are many more people out there who  are on the right track than I would have ever imagined. I took some real gems of wisdom home with me to incorporate in my everyday life and the mantra at the end of the festival remained with me all year, <em>We are made of Love</em>. If you can’t possibly attend Uplift then the whole event will be live streamed so you really don’t need to miss out.

For more information on the festival go to

Now I know so far this blog has not been about food and I really want to make sure the blogs I post are food related, but my passion for the Uplift festival took over and I had to do a little promo there but I am not letting you down. Below is a recipe that I feel inspired to make every single day at the moment. It is a joy to eat and I feel is completely uplifting to the senses. You can eat it with a grand array of things. With organic green lettuce works wonderfully, on toast or organic spelt crackers, or as a dip and as part of a Mexican themed dinner, with a lovely tempeh steak and in a wrap or with raw grated vegetables in a rice paper roll. Additionally in a few weeks I will post a blog with this recipe as part of those wonderful Mexican inspired Lettuce cups that I so long ago said I would share the recipe for.

Mango Salsa

2 mangoes cut into small chunks or thin slices

½ bunch coriander leaves roughly torn

juice of half a lemon

¼ tsp of cumin toasted slightly in a dry frying pan for all of 20 seconds

1 spicy chili- if you like

6 cherry tomatoes quartered

1 avocado – if you can find any local ones- cut into chunks or slices depending on what you did with the mango

1/4 Spanish onion finely diced (optional)

Mix all the ingredients together, this will last in the fridge for one day.


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