A great idea for breakfast or a dessert

Who of you out there are like me and struggle to know what to have for breakfast. I am not one of those people who can have the same thing for brekky everyday.

I will go a week with having a smoothie and get tired or it, a few weeks on toast, a couple of days on fruit salad, a week on salad, in winter a few days of soup and occasionally a porridge here and there.

I think it would suit me best if I just cooked like the Balinese and had the same food for breakfast lunch and dinner. I would love to cook early in the morning enough of one dish for all of my three meals that day. So it is odd for me to be giving you a breakfast idea but on a recent retreat I was catering I cooked a wicked porridge that I really need to share with you all.

It is similar to a porridge I had in Bali. This version is a sweet dish and can be eaten as a dessert too, hot or cold. The colours are wonderful and you could easily layer it with a chia jam or fruit sauce in a parfait glass. The options are endless.

Black Rice and Coconut Porridge with fruit compote


1 cup black or red rice (soaked overnight if you remember – not essential – it reduces the cooking time if you soak)
3 cups boiling water
pinch of salt
1 cup coconut cream
maple syrup optional
1 kafir lime leaf (optional)

Fruit compote

1 apple
½ cup dried fruit
1 emptied vanilla pod
1 stick cinnamon
½ to ¾ cup of boiling water

To serve
Coconut yoghurt
Maple syrup


Rinse out your saucepan with cold water (this will help the rice from sticking to the bottom). Place the rice, pinch of salt and boiling water in the saucepan and bring to the boil. Let simmer for 30 to 40 minutes (if you soaked the rice it will take less time). Stir from time to time adding more water if it looks dry. When the rice is fully cooked and soft stir in the coconut milk and heat through, don’t let it boil. Add maple syrup if you and your guests have a sweet tooth.

While the porridge is cooking place the fruit, water, cinnamon and vanilla pod in another saucepan and bring to the boil. Let simmer for 15 minutes.

To serve place the porridge in individual bowl and swirl or dollop on some coconut yoghurt, the compote and a dash of maple syrup.

Note if you have made too much you can save it for the next day, just reheat and add more water.

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