Vegan Chef & Lifestyle Training Program

The Vegan Chef and Lifestyle Training is a one of a kind training where all the produce used will be plant based and organic. The training is for people who would like to become a chef and work in the vegan food industry or establish their own business. It is also for people who want to live healthily as a vegan and incorporate more healthy vegan food choices into their everyday life. The course is flexible and you can come along and just do the first 3 days of the training or do the full 30 day training. The training is held in various venues around the Byron Bay area.

Who is this training for?

People who want to live healthily on a plant based diet and be well informed on how to do this as well as building a repertoire of meals that will provide variety for them and their families for a very long time.

Health professionals who want to help their vegan and vegetarian clients stay better informed and help them with meal planning.

People who want to become vegan chefs.

People who are already chefs and want to move along with the biggest growth market in food today or who want to add much more plant based food to their menus.

What you will learn during the training

  • How to set up your kitchen
  • Knife skills
  • Safe and healthy food handling
  • Food science
  • The importance of organic and ethical food
  • Learn all about protein including complete protein and different minerals, vitamins and nutrients found in vegan food
  • Learn how to balance meals
  • Nutritional benefit of a vegan diet
  • Raw Cuisine
  • Ayurvedic cuisine
  • Macrobiotic and wholefoods cuisine
  • Fermentations, sprouting and sourdough
  • Catering for individual diets - easy ways to adapt recipes
  • Recipes for people with specific dietary intolerances or illness
  • How to make meal plans and create interesting and varied menus
  • Gourmet presentation
  • Guidance on creating your own business or applying for vegan chef work

Further reasons to do the training

You will handle plant based foods. You will not have to handle meat products or animal by products (unlike all the other mainstream chef courses).

You will attain skills in the kitchen that are taught to you by professionals in each field of plant based cuisine.

You will focus on the health benefits of plant based cuisine and learn how to balance meals using wholefoods and at the same time create delicious meals and recipes.

You will work with local, organic and ethical produce.

It is a hands on training experience where you will be able to self evaluate your progress and receive peer and trainer feedback and support.

You will have time in between modules to practice your skills and develop recipes to demonstrate at a later date.

You will finish the course with your own portfolio of recipes.

You will learn conventional, traditional and modern styles of preparing vegan cuisine.

As the training takes a predominantly hands on approach, you will gain practical experience at every stage.

You will be encouraged to tap into your own individual creativity and this will be facilitated in a holistic approach to learning.

You will be treated with respect during this training and learn to work as part of a team and have a lot of fun along the way.

Veet's course teaches you that healthy cooking does not need to sacrifice flavour...


Emily King, Co Owner of Boneless Cafe, Bermegui

l completed all 9 modules and can honestly say that it was one of the greatest experiences of my life... 


Tenzin King, Co Owner of Boneless Cafe, Bermegui

I'll be forever grateful to Veet and all the wonderfully skilled teachers who taught us during the diverse 9 modules...


Siobhan O'Reilly, Travelling Cook, Australia

This course definitely doesn’t lie with its promise in using the highest quality ingredients...


Sammy Flook, Directer of Core Health, Sydney

I left the class feeling energized...


Michael Koda, Yoga Teacher and Carer of Ageing Mum, Sunshine Coast

I learnt not only how to make yummy Ayurvedic dishes but I also learnt a lot about myself. I will never forget this weekend...


Michael Koda, Yoga Teacher and Carer of Ageing Mum, Sunshine Coast

Thank you Veet for broadening my whole food repertoire and kitchen skills extensively in only four long days!...


Daisy Punch, Mum, Mullumbimby

Veet’s Module One was one of the best gifts I could give myself...


Devapriyo, Home Cook, Cabargo

[Veet is] an absolute encyclopedia of vegan cooking and nutritional information...


Susan Podger, Business Owner Masks for Schools, Brunswick Heads

Module 1 course exceeded my expectations. Veet was so generous when sharing her experiences, tips and creativity...


Jason Lawless, Restaurant Owner, New Zealand

Module 1 was so full of content and value. I can't thank you enough for the experience!...


Monica Caligiuri, Director Real Raw Wild Nutrition, Gold Coast

I have come away from each module with incredible experiences, recipes & knowledge....


Amanda Attard Owner of Sweets and Greens, Gold Coast

The extent and variety of options under the fermentation segment was incredible....


Sammy Flook, Directer of Core Health, Sydney

If anyone out there is thinking about it, just do it you won’t regret it!....


Allie Godfrey Market Manager North Byron Farmers Market

After each module l felt like l was walking away a new person with a whole new world at my finger tips....


Tenzin King, Co Owner of Boneless Cafe, Bermegui

What you can expect from Veet's Vegan Cooking School

Exceptional teaching and training from experts in the field of vegan cuisine.

A wealth of information and skills in how to prepare delicious and healthy vegan cuisine.

A highly professional training.

A training that cares for and respects the individual.

A training that will get you started on creating your own business, or offer inspiration in your existing one.

A launching pad to start your life of good health and great eating.